How to connect the electric stove on their own?

Before you connect the electric stove, you must check to see whether there were in it or on it any of the packaging: polyethylene foam or cardboard.This procedure is necessary to ensure that when the appliance are not melted and caught fire.No need to throw away the packaging, often with the exchange and return of goods, the store requires a complete set of packaging materials.

Depending on what kind of appliance you have purchased - embedded or free-standing, changing some of the rules of installation.

Mounting plate characterized in that it takes up little space in the kitchen, and the possibility of its installation in kitchen furniture.Installation based on the continuous type necessary to provide a gap between the plate and the rear wall itself.The gap should be at least 4.5 centimeters - it is necessary to ensure the smooth ventilation.Furniture that will be in direct contact with an electric stove, must be manufactured from suitable non-combustible materials and can withstand heat up to 100 °

C.After the plate is already installed, check the horizontality of its cooking surface, this can be done using conventional building level.By establishing a free-standing cooker, you should provide free access to it, it is necessary for the convenience of the cooking process, and for the service.

Before you connect the cooker, it should be remembered that it is a powerful appliance.Therefore, we must follow certain rules and security measures.Various models that offer domestic appliance, characterized by the ability to connect to one, two or three phases.

How to connect the electric stove to the power supply capacity of 220 - 380?

to safely connect the appliance to the line with this level of stress, you should make sure that the power of the opening of the circuit breaker installed in the electrical, power parameters corresponding to all the electrical load in your home or apartment.The electrical box must be installed separately individual circuit breaker for electric stoves.This switch must be rated at no less than 40A.Next you need to lay a separate three-wire for network 220, or five-wire copper wire network voltage of 380 volts.The wire must be no less than 4 mm and 6 mm, 220 and 380, respectively, and laid it on the electric board and directly to the power outlet.

Before you connect the cooker, should remember its obligation on the ground.The flat ground wire is drawn from the electrical panel, in turn, in private homes, he conducted or electrical panel or directly can be very grounded power outlet.

«What are electric stoves should choose?" - A question for each highly individual.It depends on your preference and, above all, on the financial possibilities.The most preferred option today are electric stove with glass ceramic panel.These boards are reasonably reliable and highly efficient heating elements.It is perfectly clean and very rapidly heated, which allows an order to speed up the cooking process.Contrary to popular myths ceramic plate at a plate quite strong and damage it in the management of common household affairs virtually impossible.Its only disadvantage to date - a relatively higher price in relation to the plates with the conventional cast-iron burners.But, in any case, the connection of electric stoves remains basically the same.