Fan for exhaust in the bathroom: the prices, types, characteristics.

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High humidity in the bathroom, condensation on the walls and floor - the picture, known to many.If you encounter such a problem, it is time to abandon the old ways of dealing with this phenomenon.The time has come when we must take the most drastic measures.You need to buy a fan for drawing in the bathroom.

Why ventilation

As a rule, standard bathrooms are not too spacious.Often you will notice that little room instantly filled with steam.As a result, the walls, floor, ceiling condensate settles.Because the port premises decoration on the walls there is mold fungus.

Bathrooms are usually no window.Therefore, the only way of entering the fresh air - ventilation systems.However, they are often ineffective and can not cope with the load.To find out how your ventilation system is working properly, you need to attach to the grid, which it closes, a leaf of paper.If he is to it "sticks" and will be held for a long time, it means that your system is normal.If it does not, therefore, you need a modern-extractor fan for the bathroom.This simple tool can help you forget about the troubles associated with high humidity.

Exhaust fan in the bathroom: characteristics

Today, the most well-known and little-known manufacturers offer different models of the relevant instruments.They differ not only in price and design, but also the technical characteristics.Especially popular with consumers for models equipped with a timer.Since it is primarily an electrical device, it is absolutely undesirable work round the clock, especially if most of the day in the house is unoccupied.Timer allows you to turn the fan for drawing in the bathroom at certain times, for example, for 15-30 minutes.There are models with humidity sensors.They are included, when the air is saturated with moisture and turn off after a certain period of time or by reaching the desired result.

If you live in an apartment building, then it provides its own ventilation system.It is designed to several floors and several apartments.In this case, better to install a fan for drawing in the bathroom with a check valve.This element does not allow air to enter from the pipe into the room, protect against fine dust, odors.

Choose an exhaust fan

Today on the shelves of hardware stores have a huge selection of different devices from well-known manufacturers.They are distinguished by their design, price, number of additional functions.How to choose a fan for the bathroom, so he completely mastered its task?

Axial fan

Such samples in its design reminiscent of a propeller.It is well pumps the required volume of air through a short tunnel ventilation.However, installing such a device on a concrete or brick canal that passes through several floors to the roof, is ineffective.This model is more appropriate in the case, if the room a good natural draft, and channel length of no more than six meters.

well-proven exhaust axial fans a company like Vortice (Italy).Their new model Punto Four Punto Filo and operate quietly and reliably.These samples have check valves, but do not rule out natural ventilation when the unit is not working.The price of these samples ranged from 2,400 to 8,200 rubles (depending on the availability of additional functions).

centrifugal fan

If you want to quickly ventilate the area, and at the same time is important to you that the device is quiet, you need a centrifugal fan for exhaust in the bathroom.These models have a very wide range of performance, different designs, speed control mode.Available in a hidden or overlay performance with humidity sensors and timers.

These fans have an original design.Inside the plastic casing is a so-called "snail", familiar to us in a huge industrial fans.It's small and virtually silent.Fans of this type will train the required amount of air through the coarse and long channel, and thus will run quieter axis.They are somewhat more massive, but if desired they can be hidden in the wall.On view will be a decorative grille.Do not forget that the fan - this is not a design element, and a device that removes stale air from the bathroom.

Note the model of the company Vortice - Vort Quadro, Vort Press, Ariett.The fan-hood for the bathroom, the price of which ranges from 4,500 to 7,000 rubles, working at different speeds, has a humidity sensor and a timer.It remains only to choose the appropriate device.

-exhaust fans for bathrooms: how to install

First you need to remove the grille covering the channel and possibly clean it.If you own do not succeed, then you need to call professionals who climb onto the roof of the house and fulfill all the "black" work.

Try the fan to the hole in the wall.If he's a bit not included, you can slightly extend the entrance to the channel, or change to a more suitable product.

Now, remove the fan grille and mesh.Set it in place and secure with dowels or polymer glue.Connect it to the mains.

Tips Installation drawing

When installing a fan to exhaust in the bathroom, you need to follow some rules to work the device was more effective.

  1. Place the hood on the opposite wall from the door.
  2. fan should be under the ceiling.In this case, it will work better natural ventilation.
  3. When connecting the device to the mains is better for him to make a separate switch.

Today, buyers are offered a large selection of extracts.Choose the appropriate option is simple.The fan-hood to the bathroom - a very necessary and useful device.By setting such a simple device, you will quickly appreciate its virtues.

Top Model fans

Today we want to introduce you to some of the popular models of hoods for the bathroom.

«Vents» (Ukraine)

Fan 100 m3 with a rectangular front grille is designed for small spaces.It can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.The housing is made of ABS, 7-blade impeller runs silently.Price - 1285 rubles.

Electrolux (Sweden)

extractor fan-bathroom equipped with a humidity sensor, works silently.This sample and removable panels made him their ABS.The model is very reliable.A timer.Price - 2360 rubles.

SILENT (Spain)

Silent fan-hood SR 100 is by far the most popular model.It has reverse petal valve.It works at temperatures up to 40 degrees.Price - 4850 rubles.

Ballu (Russia) Series BN-100T

intended for removing exhaust air channels with a diameter of 100, 120, 150 mm.Made from ABS plastic, it has fuses and high-performance impeller.Price - 1650 rubles.

Marley (Germany) SV-100

This model consumes little power (power of 1 Watt).Settings are made using the touchpad, which is located on the panel.The touch technology eliminates contact with the conductive elements.

All Marley fans have a long service life and quiet operation, simple installation.Price - 9570 rubles.