Constellations of the Southern Hemisphere, mythology and reality

In 1922, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) has defined all the visible constellations, located in the celestial sphere.There were systematized all star clusters created a directory Northern and Southern hemispheres zveznogo sky.In total there are now 88 constellations, and only 47 of them are the most ancient, the existence of which is determined by time periods of several millennia.A separate list recorded 12 zodiacal constellations through which the Sun passes during the year.

Almost all the constellations of the southern hemisphere, as well as asterism, have their own names, the source of which is the mythology of ancient Greece.For example, the myth, the goddess of hunting Artemis killed Orion and the younger in a fit of remorse placed him among the stars.So there was the constellation of Orion.A constellation of Canis Major, located at the foot of Orion, is not nothing but a hound, followed up at the sky for his master.Location stars in each constellation forms a loop around-conditioned mythological creatures, Taurus or Scorpio, Virgo or Centaur.

star map of the southern hemisphere contains many of the well-known constellations.Among them are the so-called useful asterism.Similarly, the Big Dipper, located in the Northern Hemisphere, and pointing to the North Star in the South there is a constellation of the Southern Cross, that can be used to track the direction of the South Pole.Both constellations of the Southern Hemisphere are of great importance for the maritime orientation, when the captain of the ship at night must chart a course.Stars have a significant help in navigation and display ocean-going vessels on the right track.

stars are bright and weak.The degree of illumination is dependent on several factors.Constellations of the Southern Hemisphere include stars as intense and subdued glow.The brightest star in the night sky - Sirius, which is part of the constellation Canis Major.Age of it - approximately 235 million years, and its weight exceeds Sirius sun twice.Star has always been an idol in the night sky for the people, she was worshiped, sacrificed, and were waiting for Sirius supportive, a good harvest and assistance in worldly affairs.Halo deities were marked by many other stars of the Southern Hemisphere, people believed in the miraculous ability of night light.Some even described the constellations in the church books.

zodiacal constellations of the Southern Hemisphere sky, the constellation Taurus, is located between Aries and Gemini.Taurus includes bright star - Aldebaran, but particularly noteworthy location in its two star clusters - the Pleiades and the Hyades.Pleiad consists of more than 500 stars in the Hyades their 130 Taurus - one of the constellations, rich astrophysical processes throughout its history.In the 11th century BCTaurus shocked supernova explosion, resulting in so-called formed the Crab Nebula pulsar, which is the most powerful source of X-radiation and sends pulses of RMI.Many of the constellations of the southern hemisphere have the potential star transformations.As a result of inevitable cosmic upheaval.

Another constellation of the southern hemisphere - Fish, located between Aries and Aquarius.Fish notable because through them passes the vernal equinox.The constellation consists of two large asterism, North Fish, consisting of three stars and a crown of seven stars.Constellation Pisces also includes a story from Greek mythology.When the mythical monster Typhon in Egypt drove the frightened gods from Olympus, the Aphrodite, fleeing the terror turned into a fish, and then turned into a fish, and her son, Eros.