How to make a back massage (relaxing)

In the age of technological progress, modern people lead a lifestyle that is different sedentary, causing muscular system is under stress all the time.The result is the emergence of various diseases and even pain.Back massage is a very effective way to relieve fatigue and let your body relax.Let's look at how to do a back massage.

To begin patient (or just want) should be put to cover medium soft.To do this may come hard mattress or fluffy carpet.For relaxation of the muscular system of the head and neck, under the breasts is to put a small cushion.It should be borne in mind that the skin on the back is not so gentle, compared with the face, it has a smaller number of active pixels.Therefore, in order to understand how to massage, there is no need to use sophisticated techniques.About all details read below.

So, back massage technique:

Stroking surface.To do this is to perform a few strokes from the lumbar region to the shoulders, and then in the opposite direction, spending on the back surface o

f the whole hand.This movement from the bottom up should be intense enough, but in the opposite direction of a soft and calm.Then go to the stroking cervicobrachial area.

Deep stroking.In this case, the intense stroking carried ribs both hands.

Rubbing.Perform movements, similar to stroking the surface, but they should be more intense.Hands with the move from the sides of the spine.Greater attention should be paid to the neck and shoulders.In this first pounded both hands to one side, then the other.

next move, revealing how to properly massage is kneading.In this case, the spin is massaged fingertips, thus capturing the skin.But do not overdo it, or turn into a simple massage tingling.To warm up first one side, then the other.The spine should not be touched.

pressure.In this exercise, the thumbs should be positioned on either side of the spine, on average, at a distance of 3 cm, and then you need to press down gently.For myself, I count to five, fingering below.The move, perform these steps, stands along the spine from top to bottom, then back.

vibration.Making your fingertips small circular movements, should be massaged gently touch the surface.Directions in this case - from the lumbar region to the neck.

We looked at how to learn to do a relaxing massage.In order to understand whether the procedure is executed, it is necessary to know that the presence of pain suggests that this exercise is done properly.In this case it is necessary to knead the muscles by applying less force.

In the process of learning how to massage correctly, you should observe the rhythm and tempo.Note: the more relaxed pace, the less is a stimulating effect on the nervous system.

itself massage improves blood circulation, muscle flexibility.Incorrectly performed, it can cause bruising and pinching the nerve endings.So be careful.