Like a child to take on the role of breadwinner?

not take seriously the title of the article.It is only one short period in dealing with teens.Parents and kids overage greenhorns can not impede the reading itself.

Imagine a child with good instincts, came under the influence of computer game culture.He speaks in a strange language, and empties into the unhealthy excitement when his adventures in the unreal world of someone interested in.His delusional speech very difficult to stop and can not be replaced by a discussion of something vitally important.If the previous stage adult easily find common language with him, including mixing imagination and fun games and the real world, it is now the mixture of interest, requires a deep immersion in the gaming value.Even a fan of the game can not get the attention of the child to a normal life of normal people.

We must do something.My first thought - to limit the use of your computer.But how?The ban does not mean anything, because the proceeds from non-existent objects (that we set for ourselves is, in fact, as we have for the game of consciousness noise only).Limiting programs are disabled on the "time", threats do not work, the promises did not help.An input device in the offline gamer or blocked.

In advanced cases absolutely have to wear diapers and fed through a tube, but you can not run such a situation and take action just before you pass the point of no return.We'll have to rely on the primary instincts, such as hunger.

you feed the child the previous decade?Justice demands that he started at least occasionally feed you.To not promise that will chew for you when you fall out teeth, and act today, provide food for the whole family.

But how?Do not walk on the same train from touching story of the "we not local."Now adults with work problems and give something serious child no one will.And let him go for nothing to be employed a reasonable parent would not.This is harmful to health, and studies ruined in the bud.Hence, it is necessary to organize a gainful employment in their home.

pay for puzzles - this savagery.But it is the wildness in the eyes of the older generation, and for the younger seems to be a good idea.When all peers sitting in the plates, prove the usefulness of knowledge and learning is impossible.Every school is vanity - is work that students do not need, and for the work he should pay.Free work he would not even under duress.Well, let's pay.Piecework.I solved the problem of his class - get, for example, 10 rubles.

become a wealthy person, solving puzzles to 3 a day, it will not turn.There is a need in the collection, which could be to work out at least 100 steering wheels per day, and preferably by 1000. But then there will be problems with parents, if they earn a 5 thousand per month with difficulty, rather than 20 thousand dollars a day fromease.Money should not diverge in the horrible.It is necessary to pay for the apartment and for food to go.Is this too much for a teenager?So let him do his own expense.

Money - is the energy that is necessary to produce the greatest force work.Let them work for real.They have already raised the couch dad, mom mobilized, even more hyped up kids.

If the money on a whim you can opt for a much more exciting game world, the family from starving so easy to wave away.We'll have to take up science and carefully study what recently was invincible boring.

Money can fascinate as much as the tablet (and it happens that this hobby brings to more trouble than torpor front of the computer, so remember that we are talking about the stage of development of the will, not the value of life forever).Once a taste of income from work with concerned parents, come hobby, and work will become more efficient.At some point, it appears that the family should pay all offspring.And let the child for these funds will do everything that is necessary for the family.This is true.In past centuries, like matter of course, and now it seems to be unacceptable, but look how children toil without the possibility to contribute to the common cause.So give them the opportunity to be really serious and responsible.

So every day you help your child to make you the money for the family, every day with him pay off every day waiting for the rational use of resources.It turns out, and maturation of character, and the growing effectiveness of educational work and logical relationships.

period of this living arrangement - this is only a transition to efficiency and awareness, so do not be afraid of him, and considered immoral not to allow in any case, or, conversely, to delay for many years.

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