The largest spider

Representatives of the two continents - South America and Asia - there is debate about where is found the biggest spider.American challenger called "Goliath tarantula."It has, and the second, the scientific name - Goliath Birdeater.He lived in the northern part of South America.Settles in burrows that for himself and digs.Blond Goliath - big akkuratist: the entrance to the home, he lined his own web.

export it to countries outside habitat is prohibited, so to see him outside the usual environment is virtually impossible.Yes, and breed in captivity, he does not want to.The fact is that for the normal life of conjugate to breeding, tarantula necessary conditions, exactly mimic the seasonal changes in nature, characteristic of its natural habitat.And to make it very difficult to artificially.

At home this giant feeds on small rodents (mice), lizards, frogs, toads.As the name implies, it eats and representatives of the feathered family, though not the largest.He dares to attack even small snakes!The largest spider goliath was caught in 1965 in the south of Venezuela.The scope of his paws - 28 (!) Centimeters.Given that the specimen was caught by males (and females are much larger), then what should be the size of his sister, a wife and mother?

Largest Spider-Asian - This heteropoda maxim.Body size, he is inferior to Goliath, but surpasses it long limbs.The biggest instance heteropody had a "sweep" of the clutches of thirty centimeters.Habitat of this giant is small - he lives only in one of the provinces of Laos.Heteropoda prefer to settle in the caves.

determine which of these species the biggest spider in the world, can only be agreed on the criteria for evaluation.In any case, both these species of arthropods are giants among similar.In an untrained person, they often cause revulsion and disgust.However, there is increasing number of people wanting to have a "ptitseedika" as a pet.Ordinary mortals can not understand.And well as escape from the cage - and then what to do?Run him through the house and chase broom from under the couch?And imagine: here, you wake up in the morning, and then a miracle sitting on a blanket in front of the nose and cheerfully moves zhevalami!So long, and myocardial earn.

Although, despite the eerie appearance, tarantulas for a man is not dangerous.Yes, he can bite the finger.But only in self-defense.And the pain from the bite - no worse than the sting of a bee.However, this match will be a little longer, until the day.Stories that tarantula bite somewhere in the jungles of Venezuela or Brazil killed a boy or a woman can not be documented.

goliath tarantula, not only the largest spider, he has such a temper ... knight.Before you attack an enemy, he hisses loudly, warning him about the attack.Well, just as Prince Svyatoslav of ancient chronicles: "I go to you!"

What were the biggest spiders in antiquity - is not known.Once in China, paleontologists have found fossils of arthropod that lived 165 million years ago.Compared to our contemporaries, Goliath and heteropodoy, it looks like a teenager next to a basketball player.The scope of the clutches of "only" fifteen centimeters.This is less than half the inhabitants of Lao caves.This, of course, nothing says.Surely then lived and larger species, but for 165 million years, a lot could happen.