Labour discipline.

Labour discipline - is compliance with the rules set out in this working team, the company, firm, etc.No doubt the leader does not need to comply with labor discipline.It is a guarantee of quality work of the staff and the achievement of its goals.Do all industries need it?In the vast majority.

most interesting is that of the necessity of labor discipline is interested most workers, even if some of them do not understand.Labour discipline - is, first of all, a set of rules that enables stable operation of the company, and employees of some confidence in the future (a big plus for the emotional state of any man).After all, any uncertainty - it is always stressful.

concept of labor discipline

Any rule of conduct - it is always a restriction of the freedom of the individual, but the direction for the benefit of the whole team.For this rule to work, it must meet two basic requirements.

Every employee should understand the necessity of the restrictions imposed.You need to hold periodic awareness among employees so they deliberately went to some restrictions, understanding their relevance and usefulness.

All the rules should not be an exception for anyone, ever.The one exception, have not received adequate response from the manager, will lead to an avalanche of similar violations.Therefore some, certainly solid, the reaction should be in any, the most innocent of violation of discipline.

Who sets the rules?

Each company and each company has its own document regulating internal rules.But this document in any case should not go against the current labor legislation should be clear to all staff and to avoid ambiguity any moment.It is clear that even the best document does not solve the problem.To work discipline was at an appropriate level, this should be interested in the head.And monitor the implementation of all requirements of the relevant document - its direct responsibility.

What is discipline?

are roughly two kinds of constraints: forced discipline (performing), and self-discipline (conscious).The ideal manager gradually transforms one into the other.By what means?Since the rigid systems regulating all activities, ending explanations, self-righteous.Thus, step by step, from the habit of employees, aimed at compliance with labor disciplinary rules.This habit gradually becomes an automatic action and leads to conscious self-restraint.

labor discipline and punishment

This is a very interesting point.No penalty on some, at least, do not step.The main thing here is not to overreact.The punishment should be fair and adequate violation.Not so important, whether it is financial penalty or some moral effect (in different circumstances and with different people effectiveness may be unequal).It is important that employees understand that being punished for the case, not at the whim of the chief.

In no case the punishment should not be an end in itself.It makes no sense to apply serious sanctions to the employee if:

  • he seriously regrets;
  • committed a violation for the first time;
  • offense it did not have serious consequences.

Another thing, if the violation is repeated, or even worse - becomes a habit.Labor discipline must be paramount and must immediately respond, regardless of the value of the employee.At any reliable production of the responsible officer is always better than a good professional who can fail at any moment.