How to conduct a Christmas party in kindergarten?

Christmas party in kindergarten especially loved by toddlers and older preschoolers.In a few days DOW festive atmosphere prevails: first the children are prepared for the event by decorating the Christmas tree together with the tutor and group, and after the holiday remember pleasant moments.Christmas party held in each group differently, and we'll talk about in this article.

age requirements for the holiday

Christmas party in the garden should be organized according to the age characteristics of children.For example, in the younger group of guys not only can participate in the festival for a long time, but overexcited, stop to hear the teacher.Just nervous system is not ready for kids emotionally-rich program like the older preschoolers who can longer participate in the center of fabulous events.

In connection with New Year's celebration takes on the time of twenty minutes to an hour.In younger children teach small groups of round dance song with elements of dance.If you have kids who speak clearly and expressively, then they are given a small role.The most common age group at the Christmas party in the kindergarten held without the participation of the parents.Children become familiar with Santa Claus and sing him songs, dance, lead dances, playing with him in the snow, receive gifts.

in the older group scenario is more varied.It has more fairy-tale characters, there is a plot, where all children are involved in different roles.Also on New Year's holidays the presence of parents.

Christmas party in kindergarten: the general rules of

Even matinee group can not be carried out without the approval of the Methodist and head, as there are a number of requirements to the pedagogical process.

  1. sketching a plan scenario and discussed at the teachers' meeting.
  2. further approved a ready script.
  3. assign roles of adults, children, moms and dads.For example, from the PTA moms are helping the younger group of kids and a quick change in the organization of the festival.
  4. Musical Director selects the repertoire, combining piano, records, tape recorder.
  5. rehearsal with the children performed on subgroups that are not lost interest in the holiday.
  6. facilitator should have a few games, brainteasers for children in the event of pauses and hitches.
  7. need to think over all the moments when changing, changing the characters, that there were no hitches and pauses that distract children's attention.
  8. Held matinee morning or evening, depending on the age of the children.
  9. teaching staff do an analysis of successes and failures after the holiday.

As in kindergartens celebrate the New Year now?

previously prepared for the holiday for two months: the teachers were scripts for children New Year's morning, parents sewed costumes and learn as children.And instead of making toys, snowflakes, lanterns, garlands and decorated their group.

Now, in many preschool teachers play the role of leading and fairytale characters played by special artists.Scripts of holidays are not invented, and ready-made templates adjustments are made for a specific group.Costumes and decorations are also bought or issued available at the kindergarten.

The children are learning their roles only, not the dress rehearsal is held to preserve the novelty of the holiday.Therefore, teachers in the period of the event coordinated action kids.In all groups, the New Year's morning in the kindergarten are written to disk, which is an achievement of our time.