What should be treated adenoiditis a child?

of the nose of each and every person has special pharyngeal tonsils (adenoids otherwise), directly responsible for the immune defenses of the mucous membranes, and produce lymphocytes.According to experts, various diseases adenoids annually affect approximately half of pre-school children.These include and adenoids (inflammation) and hypertrophy (abnormal increase in size).However, not many parents know, what should be the right treatment for these illnesses.In this article we describe in more detail what is the treatment the child adenoiditis.


  • birth injuries;
  • different kinds of viral infections, which suffered a future new mother during gestation;
  • predisposition to allergies;
  • bad environment;
  • regular colds.


Before turning to the question of what should be treated adenoiditis a child, let's talk about the main symptoms of this disease.So, first of all, the little patient has a morning cough, inability to breathe normally through the nose, fatigue and drowsiness.Moreover, the greatly reduced memory and attention.In some cases, there is the so-called adenoid type of person that is always open his mouth and the whole expression of indifference to everything going on.


If there is suspicion of the disease, you must go through a detailed examination by experts.The first step is to consult a doctor, audiologist, which in turn can evaluate the condition of the tonsils, nasal passages, oropharynx.This will help determine the festering adenoids in children.Often an audiologist appoints nasal endoscopic examination using a special camera.This method is completely harmless, but on the other hand, allows a sufficiently deep inspection.Only after a full examination the doctor can make a conclusion and, if necessary, recommend the method, what should be the treatment of the child adenoiditis.Note that in any case not be tested on the children of non-traditional methods of treatment.They often turn out to be ineffective in these cases.

adenoids in children.Treatment

Komorowski (known pediatrician) highlights currently two primary method for dealing with such unpleasant problem: non-surgical and operational.Let's look at them in more detail below.

Conservative treatment adenoiditis the child

This option is now among the most priority.It implies a medication to enhance immunity, and physical therapy.Often prescribed homeopathic medicines.An important component of the treatment, according to experts, is the removal of the mucous discharge from the nasopharynx.The fact is that its presence substantially reduces the effectiveness of drugs.

Surgery adenoiditis the child

This method is used when the failure of conservative therapy, with frequent relapses when there are complications such as sinusitis.Usually surgery is performed under general anesthesia.As a result, after a relatively short period of time a little patient goes home without any complications.