Electrical safety

for safety meet the same people who use electricity and, therefore, electrical appliances.

especially important to observe the rules of electrical safety in rural areas, since the probability of shock there is much higher, and the effects of electrical shocks harder.This is due to the specific conditions of operation of devices, which are often included in the open air (sometimes at too high humidity), therefore, under the influence of external action is more intense deterioration of the insulation.Contact with parts that are under stress, can lead to very serious consequences.It is especially dangerous when a person at the time of shock is on the ground.The irresponsibility and neglect often lead to electric shock, burns splashes of molten metal, fire, death.

basic rules of electrical safety in the home:

- Never leave electrical appliances without supervision;
- Do not use electrical appliances in the shower (or bathtub);
- do not turn them when in doubt in good condition;
- not to deviate from the rules of use specified in the manual for the device;

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- Do not attempt to repair the electrical products connected to the network;
- some require special electrical installation, the installation trust only professionals;
- keep yourself wiring and appliances in good condition.

Appliances today are equipped with most of the fuses and circuit breakers.Not withstanding electrical load at times, they are automatically turned off.Do not stand in one line with "homegrown craftsmen" independently establishes fuses ("bugs").Wiring quickly overheat, the insulation melts.It - frequent source of ignition.

Ironically, electrical safety in the home is often ignored.A lot of it do not even think.What dangers lurk for us to become so commonplace appliances?Consider the details.

Lighting (chandeliers, lamps and wall, ceiling, wall) causes of fires and injuries are rare.The main thing - do not turn for a long time, and leaving - turn.The portable lamps above the danger: broken wire insulation will become the cause arcing and possibly a fire.

Radio-electronic devices (players, radios, TVs, amplifiers, computer equipment).It is very important to observe all the rules of electrical safety specified in the instructions for use.Do not allow items made of metal and liquid inside, do not install the equipment in furniture niches, disassemble, radio-electronic equipment, do not have samoremonotom.Savings can not do too much.

Even in special rooms equipped with all the rules, do not forget about caution.As an example - the rules of electrical safety in the computer lab:

- while the hands need to be clean and dry;
- do not go for computers (work area);
- do not touch the connectors;
- do not touch the device ground and feeder cable;
- do not touch the screens and the back of the monitor;
- do not start and stop the equipment without prior notice to the teacher.

heating appliances (electric kettles, heaters, irons).These devices, usually with high energy consumption, so the inclusion of a single socket (using tees) several of them unacceptable: a high probability of overheating wires, violation of the integrity of the insulation and fire.Power cords must not be very close to the radiators and especially to lie to them.The most common cause of household fires - abandoned unattended heaters.

Vents in appliances - a zone of special attention.Do not put on the monitor, system unit, televisions vases with flowers;Child Lock to throw something through the hole into the housing (pins, keys, paper clips, studs, etc.);do not cover the ventilation openings (overheating is not allowed).

explain to children the rules of electrical safety.The maximum possible limit unwanted contacts with animals and children's sources of supply.Do not leave the plug into the wall outlet, even if the devices are turned off.

By following simple rules of electrical safety, you leave intact not only your property - you save your life.And not just his ...