Information on income: hide or proud?

In Russia traditionally questions about the material welfare of wages and bonuses in the society considered uncultured.For information on income - is as much personal information as information about the family's feelings or health.Meanwhile, in Western Europe people interested in peace with each other about the amount of income, apart from the subject is quite decent and non-negotiable.High salaries are considered to be the Europeans reason for pride: the people who earn more money and have achieved all themselves inspire respect.

information on incomes of civil servants for the majority of citizens of Russia today - a mystery.Everyone knows that bureaucrats earn a lot, but exact figures can except that the officials themselves.Nevertheless, the Russian state or municipal employee wealthy seems wrong: in comparison with their foreign counterparts, Russian workers of the state apparatus are very modest salaries.This is evidenced by increase in the number of official crimes, including bribery, in recen

t years.The British on the question of why it is impossible to bribe the English court, proudly replied: "Because the English court has long been bribed by the government."Much the same can definitely be applied to the bodies of executive power of Albion.

Meanwhile, data on incomes of civil servants and information about the income of municipal employees are not hidden information.Moreover, the procedure for determining the size of payments, bonuses and allowances for state employees is regulated by law.Data on income are included in a special automated system.These systems are necessary both for the tax authorities, and for the politicians, to develop programs for personnel-managers.The salary of a state or municipal employee depends on the employee's class rank.Chin worker management apparatus determined by the number of years in service and performance qualification examinations.The Russian managers have not only officials, but also the post.First, the employee receives a post, and then on the basis of his position is assigned a class rank within certain legal limits.In Russia, there are five types of posts.This positions the top group, the main group, the leading group, the older group and the younger group.Only persons holding positions from the higher group can obtain the rank of state adviser or Russian federal subject.Qualification of the worker bureaucracy determines not only the basic salary of the employee, but also all sorts of bonuses and allowances.

information on incomes of employees of state and municipal bodies, according to the presidential decree, placed in the public domain on the Internet.To do this, just go to the site of interest to the body and see details not only about the income of the citizen directly from the service, but also of his total income (employees can simultaneously participate in research, teaching, research and other creative activities) of which is located on his property rightsresidential and other real estate.

To be elected to legislative bodies at all levels, from federal to municipal, the candidate is required to provide information about income.But for the members of the executive branch at the entry level of such requirements is not provided.In other words, the Russian state does not matter what material means the person received in the same place of work, to which wages are used to.

Today there is a tendency to an increase in material support of administrative staff.The main goal of increasing earnings of officials - the eradication of malfeasance.Statistics show that establish a policy is already showing results and due to expectations.