Fish sailboat - Ocean Lightning

Fish sailboat - a two-meter giant, living in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific waters.Its existence is comfortable and serene.Subsistence it does not have to produce as sardines, mackerel and mackerel, which it feeds - schooling fish, is found in abundance, and in fact she flies into the mouth of a sailboat.However, if you want a sailboat could catch any fish, especially without straining, as the speed of movement in his impressive: about a hundred kilometers per hour.Maybe this speed he needed to get away from danger?But a sailboat - a fish that has no enemies, so somehow it happened that he was not too tough ocean predators, is too large.

So the question arises: why this fish is so high dynamics?Maybe the absence of an air bubble and the buoyancy in a negative value have caused high rates of sailfish, otherwise he would slowly sink to the bottom.Lightning fast advancement in the interior of the ocean waters is supported by, among other things, is also a significant turbulence generated by the set of specific projections on the sides, retains water.Thus, on the sides of sailing a thin film of water.

This layer provides even easier promotion of fish.The tail fin, which is used by the fish-sailboat, on the contrary, is not suited for ultrafast navigation, it is narrow and small area.Yet tail boat to boat performs its task - due to frequent fluctuations.High speed under the water can be effective only in a straight line from any fish, not only sailboat.Even a slight turn or bend causing a skid body length, the speed drops dramatically, and you have to maneuver frantically to keep the direction.

sailboat In such a case there is a genetic mechanism to maintain a balance.When the fish-sailboat is gathering pace, the dorsal fin will automatically fits into a special hollow at the back and was there while driving in a straight line.A sailboat on a bend sharply raises the dorsal fin, which extinguish beginning skid, and fish continues to move as if nothing had happened.Thanks to its activity and speed the movement of fish-sailboat is considered the best target for fishing from a boat.No wonder the writer Ernest Hemingway spent half his life with a spinning rod in hand, catching sailfish.He brings to his dawn "Pilar", he departed from the coast of Cuba in the two or three kilometers in the open ocean and started many days hunting for the fastest ocean fish, fish-lightning.

happened that the forest could not stand if ingested large specimen, as an adult sailboat could be up to three and a half meters and a weight of 70-80 kg.One is forced to remember Hemingway novel "The Old Man and the Sea."Hunting for sailing was full of drama and the author of the immortal works.Now the writer's many followers who want to fish on board the boat or yacht.And the fish-sailboat, photo where you can see, would be seriously damaged if its catch is not prohibited by law.Catch it allowed, but you need to let go - after photographing, of course.