How to cook sweet and sour cranberry sauce to the meat easily and quickly

successfully smooth out excessive satiety, and in some cases even cloying dishes, tart berries help such as cranberries or cranberry.An unusual combination of colors of sweet and sour dish to bring a touch of elegance, something resembling a restaurant kitchen.There are many very different recipes on how to cook cranberry sauce to the meat.Let us dwell on some of them, the most famous and popular.

cranberry sauce to the meat oranges

classic version of the preparation is a combination of tart berries and citrus fruits.Very often replace a major component of cranberries, or use them in equal proportions.Let us consider how to make cranberry sauce.The recipe is very easy to use that time to prepare meals takes only thirty minutes.In a heated pan, pour 2 full article.l.any olive oil, then sprinkle the chopped onion.Lightly fry the mass to light golden brown, put in a container about 2 cups of cranberries, 2-3 tbsp.l.any honey, zest and juice of 1 orange and pour in ¼ cup of water.You can dip a little salt.Be sure to use a variety of spices - to taste.Most often, a mixture of pepper, dried basil and oregano (Oregano).Cover the container with a lid and let extinguish 15-20 minutes.Some housewives also put a lot of chopped greens.The aroma is obtained simply unforgettable!It can be served as a hot sauce straight from heat and cold.

cranberry sauce to the meat honey

Half a kilo of fresh cranberries good to loop from garbage, wash several times and place in a saucepan.There also pour a mean finely chopped onion.Fill weight 0.5 cups of raw water and put to languish over medium heat.Fifteen minutes later softened tolkushkoy mash the mixture, then rub through a sieve of iron, releasing it from the cake.The resulting sauce pour sufleobrazny 2 full article.l.any olive oil, put 3 complete article.l.thick honey, spices to taste (cinnamon, pepper, Provence herbs, oregano) and mix well boil over very low heat for 25-30 minutes.Such aromatic flavoring may be stored in a refrigerator in a glass container to ten days.

Pear cranberry sauce for poultry meat

Needless sour taste of berries can be a good "balance" sweet fruit.Take, for example, 1 very ripe pears and purging it from the peel and core, chop into cubes.To add the weight of fruit 1 cup cranberries, 1 tbsp.l.finely chopped ginger, ¼ cup sugar, juice of ½ lime, a pinch of salt.All Pour ¼ cup of raw water and put to boil, covered with a lid.The cooking time will depend on the soft pears, cranberries enough since only five to seven minutes to soften.The mass will be ready when it starts to turn into a puree.It is best to file a cranberry sauce to the meat svezheotvarnogo chicken or baked chicken legs.While other hot second courses, he also successfully combined.This sauce will be enjoyed by any gourmet!