How to cook at home roasted chestnuts and dishes from it

Nothing brings a sad sometimes late autumn, as the smell of roasting chestnuts.This fragrance spreads through the streets of the majority of French, Spanish and Italian cities.He caresses smell of tourists and residents of my city - Lviv.Although Galicia grow only Buckeyes, they lavished edible subspecies native to close Transcarpathia.We bake these delicious nucleoli in large drums in mobile trays, similar trains.In Turkey, for example - on the open hearth.Once they are baked in special pans.Is it possible to cook at home roasted chestnuts?Recipe with photos below.

method of cooking is very simple.But first, make sure that before you - edible chestnuts.If you collect them in November, the green jacket at them more like a hedgehog, and in the box lurk several nucleoli.And when you buy them, make sure that their shape is a bit like an onion, and has a smooth face.Edible roasted chestnuts have a sweet taste, while horse - bitter.

These tasty nucleoli can cook, bake, broil.But what would you have them do, you must first break the integrity of their glossy brown shell.Because in the process of heat treatment the juice inside the kernel turns to steam, and the nut can explode in unexpected ways, flying from the pan.A cook can be roasted chestnuts on an ordinary frying pan (but not a Teflon).No fat consumed is not necessary.

So incision each fruit crosswise to pierce the peel.Fill the bottom of the pan all the chestnuts.It is advisable to stack them notched up, but it does not matter.Dub a single layer.Blanking napkins, abundantly soaked with water.Put on medium heat.Blanking of safety cap as some roasted chestnuts necessarily explode.Occasionally stir the nucleoli.It is also to remain wet wipes - as required sprinkled with water.If you do not, nucleoli are too hard.Roast the nuts for about twenty minutes.The rind of the time charred, rising above nucleoli browned, and the smell of the apartment will amazing.

There roasted chestnuts can be both solo and incorporate it into other dishes.The sweet taste makes it possible to prepare the nucleoli are the desserts, but they are also good in sauces and as a filling for meat - turkey, chicken, rabbit, pork.A Street as a street food chestnuts good only while hot.Cooling down, they lose flavor and become dry and tasteless.

And in the end on how to apply can be roasted chestnut.Pork cut into pieces a la carte, marinate in wine, garlic, spices.Fry the onion with the flesh, at the end of the broth and add the marinade.Simmer until tender for about an hour.Add orange zest, two handfuls of roasted peeled chestnuts and five stuff figs.Hold out under the cover of another 15 minutes.You can make a delicious sauce for boiled color or Brussels sprouts.The purified nucleoli pyuriruyut using a blender, throw cream, a little hold on the pan and pour this sauce dish.