How to cook the jam from persimmon: a recipe

In winter, the market can find a large number of exotic fruits.It is worth noting that the price of these varies according to the season.That is why the fruit of persimmon can be purchased for little money right after Christmas.This is due to the fact that the festive hype has passed, and remained on the shelves of products that unsold from the previous year.This pricing policy allows to prepare jam from the fruit without the high cost and great difficulty.


need for preparation:

- persimmon - 2 kg;

- sugar - 0.5 kg.

Choosing fruits

Before you go to buy a persimmon, you must understand that these fruits are sweet only to the end of his maturation, and before that they have a tart flavor.That is why persimmon jam made from fruit which is already overdue.At the same time they are not only well suited for this recipe, but can cost quite cheap, since lost their marketability.However, do not buy damaged fruit or with pronounced defects.They may contain bacteria harmful to the body and even parasites.


Before you start to make jam from persimmon, all fruits should be thoroughly washed and separated from the leaves.Then the fruit is cut into small pieces, removing the bone.If so soft persimmon, which immediately loses its shape, then do not worry, because in the end you should get a homogeneous mass.

Some cooks and housewives prefer to remove the peel, so it does not fall into the persimmon jam.The recipe remains the same.But before you decide, you should try to peel.If it is not astringent, it can leave.


After fruit butchered, they are placed in a metal container and covered with sugar.In this form the products must be in a cool place for 8 hours.Then they are placed on a slow fire, in which jam of persimmons prepared within one hour.Sometimes this period is increased to evaporate more moisture and turned jam, although it is believed that it should not do, or significantly reduced the amount and spoil the taste.

is also worth noting that at the time of cooking in a dish, you can add a variety of spices or herbs.This can significantly change the final flavor, giving it a piquancy.However, the true connoisseurs of these fruits prefer not to do, to keep natural aroma.

Prolonged storage

usually jam persimmon immediately goes into use.This is due to its winter season preparation and excellent taste.If there was a desire to preserve it for the future, right after the cooking process, it must be packaged in the previously prepared banks and tightly closed with special caps.Then put the bowl in a warm place upside down and wrapped a towel.This ensures uniform cooling.When the jam has cooled to room temperature, it is placed in a dark and cool place where it will remain until the moment of use.