Who is the spiritual parent of a child, and can be cross several times?

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Become cross - is an exciting and important step.Before agreeing to such a proposal, you need to learn all the aspects and nuances.For example, the godparents may be exclusively Orthodox Christians.Neither Muslims nor Catholic, nor even atheists.Despite all the superstitions, pregnant or unmarried woman can be godmother.One of the most important aspects is that the mother and father in any case can not be godparents.Also, they can not be (for the same child) persons who are married.

When choosing godparents need to know that these people should always be baptized.For the rest, you must rely on your own opinion.Of course, an important factor is your attitude and the willingness of man to be a spiritual teacher for the child.In addition, your baby may be only one godparent.In this case, the main thing that it was the same with sex.

Often people are not much versed in the Sacrament, asking the question: "Can I be cross several times?"Opinions on this subject are very divergent.To begin to find out who this procession, and what are its responsibilities.When a person is invited to become the godfather, his first question goes something like this: "What should I do?"This function does not include any time-consuming operations.The general purpose of the cross is to give the child to education and the strengthening of church life, as he has regularly led perceived from the font to the temple.In addition, he is sure the day of the Sacrament should give him a cross and chain, no matter from which they are metal, as long as the traditional orthodox forms.

Good to know: it is believed that the day of the final judgment with the procession for the upbringing of his godson is demanded as well as for her own child.

Can be cross several times?Basically, it's just your decision.Some believe that if the woman agrees to be godmother for the second time, it removes the cross with the first godson.But church officials refute this opinion, referring to the fact that the mother giving birth to her second child, does not give up first.So here.In spiritual parent can have many children, as long as he had the strength to pray and to take care of all.

Before wondering about what can be the sign of the cross several times or not, you need to figure out who they can not all become.For example, you can not take the godfather of a man who changed his faith, or is impious lifestyle.If these situations have happened to the existing cross, the Union can be considered as canceled, and ask the other person about the custody.

Can be cross several times for the boys?There is an opinion that it is possible to become twice to children of different sexes.That is, for a boy and a girl.But it is also wrong.It is also a misconception that a woman should become the cross first the boy, as a girl, goddaughter be a barrier to future marriage.It's entirely human superstition.
After reading this article you should not remain questions about whether it is possible to be on the cross several times.Now that you know all the details, and nothing will prevent you a good spiritual parents.