What To Choose Oven Saunas?

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Visit bath or sauna is able to deliver the undoubted pleasure for body and soul, cleanse the body inside and out, as well as contribute to the healing process of many diseases.But, to the pleasure brought only benefits without the negative health effects in the steam room must be suitable for each particular case, the oven, it - heater.
There are several types of furnaces for baths and saunas: wood, electric and gas.Wood stoves installed in baths since ancient times.Despite this, this way of heating steam, popular and now, little has changed except that the design of the furnace and its external finish.Today, you can simply buy a wood-burning stove for a bath and enjoy all the benefits of the steam room, but you can build yourself this design.Good fuel for such steam rooms serve the wood of deciduous trees.Electric heaters - this is a more modern look furnaces, appeared with the rise of electricity.The absence of smoke, light weight, compact size, ease of management and ease of use - the main advantages of this option heating steam.Gas furnace - the newest type of equipment for baths and saunas, a perfect, especially for urban residents.In this case, the heat source is natural gas or propane.The main advantage of gas furnaces - a low cost of operation.

Proper installation - the key to successful, long-term, and most importantly safe operation of furnaces all baths and saunas.The most lengthy and complicated is the installation of a wood stove.The whole difficulty lies in the construction of sufficiently large size heater and mandatory presence of a special separate foundation, did not touch the common foundation of the building.Installing a gas furnace is very similar to installing wood.The main difference - the supply of gas equipment.The simplest, but at the same time, and requires a special approach, installing heating equipment is the installation of electric stoves.This process should take place with the obligatory participation of an electrician, skillfully-versed with all the subtleties of the future safe operation.In addition, elektrokamenka sauna requires mandatory grounding.
principle of operation of each furnace for a bath and saunas is the rapid heating of the room air, and to a high temperature.To achieve such a result makes the design of the heater, which is an essential element of the stones.Classical model modern steel making furnace is considered in the top or around the perimeter of the body filled with a layer of special stones.This layer has the ability to maximize their own rapid-heating, and eventually the rapid heating of the air.Thus, the oxygen in the room is not fusible, heated air is fresh and acquires special properties.In addition, mainly considered compact and convenient oven having sufficient capacity to not only quickly warm up the room, and quickly dry and steam room after all procedures.Absolutely everything
oven for baths and saunas shall comply with environmental and fire safety.Their design and placement must completely exclude the risk of burns in case of unexpected touch.Every single type of furnace has its own security requirements.Woodburning stoves require caution with fire, electrical - with electricity and gas - gas.
with light steam.