How to open a store products business, which will be always in demand

store food, even just created, simply doomed to success.If you start working in this business, but it does not give you the expected profit, it only means that you are doing something wrong.Grocery stores are always in demand at all times.In order to avoid common mistakes 95% of new entrepreneurs should carefully deal with how to open a shop of products, and consider all aspects.

organizational issues

First of all, you need to decide the type of your store.This can be a full-fledged single store or the counter, located on the territory of a shopping center.In the second embodiment, the opening will require you to significantly lower costs, although the area of ​​the counter may be nothing to give full grocery store.

to open the point you need to trade and refrigeration equipment, as well as shipment.Depending on the number and complexity of the equipment, the initial purchase can cost between $ 1,000 and 5,000 euros.As for the equipment, in order to open the product in the shopping center point

will be enough to get a good refrigerators, cash registers, sales counters, mechanical or electronic scales, as well as auxiliary equipment (cutting boards, knives, etc.).


How to open a store of products - as an individual entrepreneur (SP register) or a limited liability company (LLC)?Experts tend toward Ltd., because the presence of debt in the status of FE person can give up all their property.But there is an important point is how to set up shop as a product company - in any case, do not buy ready-made society, asface a high risk of debt, carefully hidden by the seller.

assortment and advertising

With a relatively small area of ​​the store range to be centered around products of the same type.It should take into account the mentality of the buyer.

With regard to advertising, it is better "to hit on all fronts": for example, you can start to focus exclusively on high quality products and simultaneously to attract the attention of buyers low prices.


Thinking about how to open a shop of products, carefully thought-out policy of communication with their customers.People appreciate the friendly and welcoming attitude.And you can prove it in many different ways - to offer products that are not found even in large competitors, staged on the occasion of the opening of the store, and create a variety of special offers for the occasion.


Calculate income can be, given the fact that on average, people spend 30 to 50 percent of their monthly budget on food.If you keep a highly specialized shop in a month, you can easily make 2000-3000 dollars.In the big cities, this amount can reach and even exceed the mark in 5000.

We hope that now you have an idea about how to open a store of food, and you will be much easier to do.