Drinks berries to enhance immunity

All of us are tired of the cold, short days, nahohlennogo sky.And the children - even more so: difficult to raise a child in the morning, he gets tired easily and often cold.However, to ease the rigidity of winter beats simple.No, it's not about pills, miracle pills, and all such other matters.To strengthen the body's defenses, helping to raise the tone of pleasant taste and a very useful vitamin drinks and teas.

undoubted champion among them - the infusion of rose hips.Rosehip berries contain 50 times more vitamin C than, for example, so popular in the winter citrus fruits (namely "askorbinka" primarily strengthens the immune system, promotes good metabolism in the body).Prepare a healthy beverage is easy: a tablespoon of dried berries gently knead and poured into a thermos.Pour about a half cup of boiling water and leave overnight.Well offer the child a drink for breakfast instead of tea, add a little sugar or honey.

way, it is possible and dilute the infusion of rose hips tea half - invigorates a

nd tones the nervous system.

can use mashed currant with sugar for "refueling" the infusion of rose hips.Good protective effect and gives the drink made from the hips and rowan (Aronia not!) In a ratio of 1: 1 Rowan is rich in so-called sorbic acid, which is detrimental effect on harmful bacteria and microbes.An excellent choice - dessert of cranberries.This little marsh berry has great talents: a successful combination of vitamins C and E, citric acid, benzoic acid and other organic acids helps the body fight off colds and the tannins in cranberries, displays products of decomposition of harmful bacteria and viruses.Children are very useful cranberry juice.This drink is stored a maximum of vitamins and nutrients.Prepare it as follows: you need to crush the berries with a wooden spoon (this wood, because in contact with the metal part of the vitamin C is destroyed), squeeze the juice and the skins of the berries, the bay water, boil for 5-10 minutes.Strain, cool, add the juice and sugar.If the child is not allergic, you can use honey.Children are very fond of, and cranberry mousse.Marc Broth strain, bring to a boil, add a little semolina and well tenderize it.Then put the pan in cold water and when its contents are completely cool, add klyukvennny juice, whisk mixer and sent to the 2-3 hours in the refrigerator.From delicious "ice cream," none of capricious will not refuse!

These desserts can be cooked cranberry.This berry has a powerful antioxidant effect, drink from it is given to children during the outbreaks of SARS and influenza.In a sick child cranberry juice reduce fever, improve overall health.From this berry delicious jelly obtained, particularly useful are the kids who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.Berries should be rubbed through a sieve to separate juice and pomace boil for 5-7 minutes.Strain the broth to cook the pudding, cool and mix with the juice of cranberries.

useful drink is obtained from lemon and orange peels: chop them and the bay water, boil for a few minutes, filter and add the sugar.Incidentally, the "clothes" oranges and lemons vitamin C is several times greater than the fruits themselves.

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