How to improve memory

Do you feel that because of the heavy loads at work you have a reduced working capacity, overcomes an annoying distraction, forget the birthdays of friends, important phone numbers, outlined the case, drop figures from reports and lost important documents?

memory depends on the normal functioning of the brain.
it is known that the brain needs oxygen much more than other tissues and organs.The oxygen required for its cell supplied with blood.Therefore we need a good sleep and fresh air.The average person needs eight hours of sleep, but that on average.For myself, the rate can be set as follows: lie down until 23:00 and wake up without an alarm clock.If a few days you will live in this mode, you'll know how many hours of sleep you need.

enhance memory helps diet rich in potassium and calcium, as well as fruits and vegetables orange.But staple for memory - walnut .

There are special exercises.The simplest thing - to learn poems by heart.Before going to bed, you can recall the events of the day, but not fixing the attention, but just restoring a picture in the mind encounters, incidents, all seen in the details.It helps to relax and sleep.

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To make the process more efficient memory, you need to understand what type of perception you possess : kinesthetic, visual or auditory - or possibly all types at once, that too often the case.Depending on this, you can use different mnemonics.For example, store information via images.Or use the mnemonics places - Cicero loved her.To remember a long speech, he went from room to room and tied her thoughts with furnishings.Holding a speech before the Senate, he kept repeating the route, recalling the situation of each room and its associated thoughts.Option for women - to link the arguments in the beautician with objects that you can sort through, remembering.

sudden lapses of memory - in particular, the loss of orientation in a familiar city - may be a sign of a serious illness or just situational.Long-term mental stress, stress, lack of sleep, lowered immunity - all this drains our resources.In this case, you want to rest and recuperation.Then the memory will be restored.

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