How to cook a chak-chak at home?

How to cook chak-chak at home, so he turned the lush, beautiful and delicious?This question is particularly interested in those who have never done a sweet dish east alone.It is worth noting that in the preparation of the Tatar dessert there is nothing difficult.And to prove this, we present to your attention it step by step recipe.

How to cook chak-chak at home?

Necessary ingredients for the dough:

  • sand sugar - 1 dessert spoon;
  • sifted wheat flour - 500 g (to add to the density);
  • large chicken egg - 5-6 pcs .;
  • fresh milk fat - 70 ml;
  • odorless sunflower oil - 400 ml (for frying)
  • fine sea salt - 1 dessert spoon.


Before you cook chak-chak house should be well knead thick base.It is worth noting that today there are a lot of various recipes of oriental sweets.We consider the simplest and most popular option, which includes available and inexpensive components.

Thus, for mixing bases needed to break large eggs in a bowl and beat them severely using the mixer.Once you get a homogenous mass, it should pour sugar, sea salt and fine flour and pour fresh milk.Mix all the ingredients, you should get a soft dough that does not stick to his hands.

process of forming dessert

How to cook chak-chak at home, so it turned out smooth and beautiful?To do this, it is recommended to put the finished dough in a plastic bag and a quarter hours to send in the freezer.This procedure will make the basis for a more tight and it will be good to give in formation.

for modeling chak-chak need to take a small piece of dough, then roll out a thin long sausage and a diameter of about one centimeter.This value is only conditionally, because it can vary depending on what size you want to get dessert.

Once sausage is rolled out, it must be cut into small wedges length from 1st to 5 centimeters.For semi-finished products do not stick to a cutting board, it is desirable to sprinkle liberally wheat flour.

How to cook a delicious chak-chak-fried?

roasting of the Eastern dessert is better to take a deep, but a narrow ware (eg utyatnitsu or small cauldron).Then pour into a saucepan need sunflower oil (it should cover the bottom about 5-7 centimeters).After that vegetable fat should be very hot, so it went from light smoke, and then alternately put 10-15 semi-finished products (depending on the size of the dishes) and fry them until the blush.This product requires regular stirring with a slotted spoon.

final stage in the preparation

After chak-chak is fully ready, it should stand a few minutes in a colander, stripping the most fat, and then slide out onto a large dish and pour generously sweet dressing.For its preparation is necessary to mix 4 large tablespoons of flower honey, the same amount of sugar and a bit of drinking water.Further, all of the ingredients needed to heat over low heat until thick syrup.

How to serve dessert?

Now you know how to cook chak-chak home tasty and fast.Serve a sweet dish to the table to be together with a strong and hot tea.