How to bake a goose in the oven: Three basic rules and Christmas recipe

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goose - the bird diet.His dark meat contains copper, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, it is rich in vitamins A, PP, C, and a host of B. Recommend often eat goose hair loss, skin and eye diseases, as well as after surgery, because it strengthens the immune system.But if you do not know the secret of how to bake a goose in the oven, the output can be obtained charred skeleton bucket of fat and very little meat.Below we describe the subtleties of cooking this delicious and useful bird.

Secret № 1. The right choice of carcass

young lady has a pale yellow legs that turn red with age.It is best to buy ice cream is not a goose, and chilled or fresh - directly from the hands of the settlers.In the latter case it must be gut - cut in the peritoneum, and extract the package with giblets.Always, even if you buy a bird at the supermarket, take the time to povydergivat leather remnants of feathers - they are necessarily there.And if you bought a frozen carcass, do not think to stick it in the microwave to quickly thawed.No, day on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, and the only way!Therefore, to bake a goose in the oven, you need to buy a bird in advance, and not only for reasons of defrosting.

Secret № 2. Proper preparation carcass

neck must be cut and used for soup or sauce.If you are going to bake a goose in the oven, you must also separate a pair of scissors and the first phalanx of the wings.They still Undermountain, because they have no meat and fat.We can not say that this bird was very lean.No, there are goose fat, and his lot.But it is very unevenly distributed.Basically, it all accumulates around the neck and abdomen.To you get a tasty dish of goose, you need a small knife to remove the yellow stains.Now take a sharp needle (a skewer, skewer) and pierce the skin on the breast of poultry, on the legs, and where tabs are moving in the torso.Try not to damage the meat.

Secret № 3. Scalding

In a large saucepan, boil the water.We recommend to wear gloves - risk of burn.Take the goose for foot and dip it in boiling water.Hold a minute.Then, do the same procedure from the tail.Why these manipulations?To roast goose in the oven, as well as get golden, crispy skin and tender caruncle.Carcass dry with a towel and carefully rub it with coarse salt and favorite spices - inside and out.Arrange on a platter and place in refrigerator for two or three days.

Secret № 4. Proper roasting goose in the oven

When cooking whole poultry, take a deep pan, place the rack on it, and only it - back up the carcass.In pan, pour a little water - will not burn fat, and the meat is more tender.The bird should be put in a preheated oven to maximum, but after 15 minutes, reduce heat.During baking, the carcass must be flipped once.

Goose in oven slices

Bird butcher, cut into small pieces.Rub them with a mixture of spices and salt.Place the meat in the pan dry cloth up and send it in the oven, preheated to 220 ° C.After half an hour to drain the excess of melted fat (it can be used later for frying different foods).Periodically watering bird heated with lard until the skin is not dark, and will not form an appetizing crust.Ten minutes before the end of cooking the dish sprinkled with crushed garlic.