Fundamentals of Information Security : what you should know to avoid falling victim to scams of modern information world

more timely topic in our age probably does not exist.Fundamentals of Information Security - is not only a part of computer science, but also important information to every citizen of Russia: the user PCs and the Internet, even a beginner, owners of mobile phones, Plastic bank cards.

Legal information security

In the early 21st century, all this knowledge were brought together on the basis of known cases of violations in the field of information security.And they reflect a well-defined state policy on this issue.The legal framework of information security are reflected mainly in the Doctrine and in a number of legal acts (on the protection of state secrets, commercial, personal data protection, copyright law).

This measures for the protection of information has not stopped.Special units have been set up in the Ministry of Interior in the fight against offenders of information security.In parallel, developing protection technologies: electronic signature, encryption, password system.However, the main challenge is to achieve not only interested state structures and commercial organizations, is public awareness about the basic precautions in the information environment.That they should be viewed in detail in the topic "Foundations of Information Security".

precautions in handling card

The first precaution is important when dealing with a bank card, because many citizens receive basic income is a bank account and withdraw money from terminals installed in every city of the country.The security of your funds is up to you.Careless handling of the card sooner or later lead to the loss of money in the account.Never share or reveal your PIN, do not store it in your wallet with the card, do not give the card into the wrong hands.Although it is useless without the PIN code, where is the guarantee that it does not peeped when you type the code at the terminal.With the loss - report it immediately to the bank.It should go to the official website of your bank, dial the number for consultation and for him to report lost or stolen card.The operator immediately report it to the security service of the bank, and your card will be canceled.

Toll fraud

Fundamentals of Information Security also apply to the treatment of mobile phones and, of course, must be observed when using a PC and the Internet.

Phone is the second means of fraud for profit.With the help of mobile attackers can gain a considerable amount, resorting to various schemes of deception.On that branch of the Russian Interior Ministry to combat crime in the information media have repeatedly reported with the aim to warn citizens.The most common way - text messages from strange or frightening content, and with the promise of winning a prize.In the case of the latter calculated scam is simple - if you have won a prize, you will not have to pay for it, so do not need to call (unless it is a known number of famous brands, radio stations, registered in the directory) and send the message, followed by aYour account on the mobile "evaporate" large sum of money.Alarm messages, for example, with the text: "Mom, I'm in trouble, I put the money on the phone, and then explain everything," playing on the strongest human emotions (otherwise fraud scheme did not work).Of course, many first call to their children in their rooms and check if everything is in order.Those who have no children, laugh at a sms-Coy.But there are other cases where attackers lucky.For example, my mother could not get through to his son (the subscriber does not answer), and in a panic to put money on an unfamiliar number.But in this situation it would be possible to do otherwise: first try to connect with friends, relatives, colleagues, your child.

trouble computers and the Internet

biggest nightmare for computer users and a worldwide network that can shake the foundations of information security, however perfect they may be - are viruses and hackers to crack mail, programs instant messaging, pagein the social network and, even worse, a virtual wallet.How do they do it - even a special department of the Interior Ministry investigators are not always able to answer this question.But caution - be afraid of clone sites.When you go to a similar site link expelled supposedly your friend, you get to the familiar site and not suspecting a trick enter your username and password to log in.So scammers get your data, and then using them to hack email (few people come up with different passwords and user names for mail and other portals).So remember, even if the site is similar to the familiar you should pay attention to him.The slightest error in it (another sign, another letter) means that you are not on the site where you think, and the site-clone.

such schemes fraud was invented a lot, but how many more will be invented ... Yes, and information security system is far from perfect: technology develops faster than is the introduction of measures to protect the data.Therefore, security in modern information world depends on foresight and awareness of every citizen.