Sacraments: how should children be baptized

rite of baptism of children - it is the sacraments, through which must pass every child of believing parents.This is definitely the most important ritual in the life of every Orthodox Christian.It is believed that during the baptism comes a person's death for his sinful life and the rebirth to eternal life, clean.About this talk.

Many new parents are thinking of the baptism of his child immediately after birth.But how to organize?Dear mom and dad, know that the baptism of children - is a special mystery to which we must prepare in a certain way.What?Now we will tell all stages.

How should undergo the rite of baptism of the child

rules under which it happens the sacrament of God, have long been identified.The main thing - to have a sincere desire.If you, for example, do not really want your child baptized in infancy, it is not necessary.Wait.Your parental instinct tells himself, the age at which you need to make it.So, how is the child baptized?

Firstly, the need to find godparents for their baby.It should be believers.If you can not find the two, the rite of baptism admits that only one sign of the cross: for girls - women, for boys - men.Godparents need to memorize the Creed.In the future, they will pray for his young godchildren, to tell them about the Lord of the Church.If the search for future godparents were unsuccessful, the rite of baptism of children can take place without them.In any case, the priest must not deny you this.

Second, the baby can be baptized immediately after birth.But in this case the mother can not be present in the church, since it is within 40 days is considered unclean before the Lord.If she still wants to be present at the baptism of his child, it is necessary to wait 40 days, after which the priest shall recite a special prayer over it.

Third, you need to take care of things in which the child will be in the temple.The fact that the baptism of children requires that they were wearing white shirts christening (necessarily new).They can be purchased directly in the temple (usually engaged in this future godparents).Why is it necessary?Old clothes symbolize the sins that need to be washed off, to stand before the eyes of the Lord in everything new, clean, white ... Baptismal nightie stored throughout the life of the child.

Fourth, it should be understood that the sacraments - the first holy day for the child.That is why you need to prepare for deliberately taking care of how to mark the occasion.Houses need to cover a festive table and invite the closest and most loyal person.Note that this is not a holiday adults, so about any alcoholic beverages can not go out and about.

Who gets the child after the sacrament of baptism?

He becomes a Christian convert.Gets the Christian naming (name), acquires heavenly patron and intercessor, who can ask God to have mercy on his charge, to forgive him for this or that sin.