Interior bathroom

In modern homes and apartments the bathroom is not just a functional room, without which it is impossible to imagine a comfortable life, but part of the whole interior solutions in general.Interior bathroom must integrate harmoniously with all the living space of your home, but at the same time have its own share of charm and comfort.This is the place where people come not just to become cleaner and bring the beauty, but also wash away the cares of the day labor and experience the atmosphere of relaxation.Fancy accessories, original accessories and fashion items will help to create an interior that will delight every day of their masters: life-affirming vigor - in the morning, and comfortable enveloping tranquility - in the evenings.In the design process of your dreams is only a budget and imagination are able to point you in the right direction.

Before the breath away from the spectacular ideas and dizzy from the options, consider the following important points:

  • how large the space bathroom: defin
    itely spacious bathrooms provide endless opportunities for your ideas, in addition to functional objects sink and itselfbath, you can arrange decorative objects as large floor vases, woven baskets, and even upholstered furniture;but the reality is that most of the usual residential layouts provide a very limited space for the bathroom, which still can be skillfully converted into a small corner of happiness;
  • who will serve as the bathroom: most likely for the whole family in general, then it is necessary to provide for convenient items for each member of the family, but if the bathroom is only for older people or on the contrary, the children, the interior must first create convenience;
  • that will be placed and kept in the bathroom: a source of water in the bathroom is not the only necessary thing in this room, there are stored a lot of cosmetics and toiletries, bath linens to change, and possibly household items (for example, inconspicuous cabinet with household cleanersmeans, rags and the like);

The practical implementation of all these aspects of functionality and aesthetics, put your interior in a certain framework, but your task is to paint this framework by the color that you want it.

Often, in the bathrooms there is no source of natural daylight, this is offset by the overall ceiling lighting, and interesting illuminations shelves and mirrors.For this reason, the primary color of the walls should choose bright and calm, and the brightness and refreshing energy to bring by flashy accessories or inclusions in the tile wall.Glossy surfaces will play glare by reflecting light, and thus, increase the visual space.Very interesting look interiors, where the walls are lined with small mosaic tiles and monotony diluted color transitions.Yet the most decisive in the choice of colors for the bathroom are the taste preferences of the owners.

The bathroom needs to be thought through space and furniture elements for storing toiletries.This goal can serve as shelves, including a corner, niche, cabinets, hanging lockers and cabinets full, if space allows.The best solution would be to place the sink in the countertop, which is convenient to be located under the shelves and drawers, and all this together with a siphon will be hidden doors.

If your budget allows you to go beyond the ordinary, give preference to the massive marble sinks or sinks made of glass.Designer plumbing - it's always a qualitative incarnation of exclusive ideas.Just remember that the very tub and sink should be combined with each other in color and style.The space on the countertop next to the sink can be filled not only necessary amenities (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste), but also decorative little things that accentuate the overall style and will bring variety.Aquarium vases with fresh flowers and stones, sea shells, dried starfish, candles and much more can become a worthy expression of your personality.On open shelves near the sink, place rolled into small rolls of towels, your guests will certainly pay attention to the fact that you have taken care of their personal hygiene.

functional bathroom accessories must be designed in the same style, as well as textile "team".Get the bath towels, which are complemented with towels for hands, face and legs, then in your bathroom harmony will reign.However, in a house where there are small kids, harmony, perhaps it is not the best word to describe the interior.Make sure that the time spent with the use of the bathroom, gave the joy of your child.It is not necessary to turn the bathroom into a complete triumph of children's imagination, because in a few years, your child will grow up and change the design and reconstruct the wall covering - it is costly.Let in the bathroom is a small chair, which is convenient to get up and get to the adult shells.The child should be their children's toothbrush, soap, towel, and fixing these gizmos can think of fun, and thereby please the kid.

Bathroom - a special place in the house, here we do not have much time, so it is important to complement the interior in detail the functionality of the premises, has to set up a good mood and the positive.

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