Types of clouds: what are they?

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Without a doubt, a unique phenomenon that can be observed in the lower layer of the Earth's atmosphere - is, of course, the cloud.A variety of forms and types of clouds can not help but admire.It would seem that it is not similar to each other clouds can be classified?It turns out you can!And it is very simple.You probably have often noticed that some clouds are formed very high in the sky and the other on their background are much lower.It turns out that different cloud formed in the sky at different heights.Those kinds of clouds, which are almost invisible, are translucent color and shape of the yarn moving along the Sun or Moon, hardly weaken their light.And those who are below have a dense structure and almost completely conceal the moon and the sun.

How do clouds form?As we have said, the cloud - is the air, or rather the warm air that rises from the earth's surface with water vapor.Reaches a certain height, the air is cooled and is converted into water vapor.This, in fact, consist of clouds.

But why depends on the shape and types of clouds?And it depends on the altitude at which the cloud formed and that a temperature that is there.Let us consider the different types of clouds.

- Silver - formed at an altitude of 70-90 km above the ground.They are a fairly thin layer, which is barely visible against the sky at night.

- Pearl clouds - are at an altitude of 20-30 km.Such clouds form is relatively rare.They can be seen before the sun will rise, or when it will come over the horizon.

- Cirrus - situated at an altitude of 7-10 km.Thin white clouds that look like tangled or parallel threads.

- Cirrostratus - located at a distance of 6-8 km from the earth.Is a veil of white or blue.

- Cirrocumulus - also located at an altitude of 6-8 km.Thin white clouds that look like a cluster of flakes.

- Altocumulus clouds - 2-6 km.Low-translucent layer of clouds as waves of white, gray or blue.Because this type of cloud possible loss of weak rainfall.

- alto - 3-5 ka above the ground.Is a veil of gray, sometimes fibrous in appearance.Of these possible loss of light rain or snow.

-Sloisto cumulus clouds - 0.3-1.5 km.This layer is well distinguishable structure, like a plate or a wave.Of these clouds precipitation falls as snow or rain.

- Stratus - located at a height of 0.5-0.7 km.A uniform, opaque layer of gray.

- nimbostratus - located at a height of 0, 1,0 km from the earth.Continuous, opaque veil of dark gray color.Of these clouds are snow or rain.

- Cumulus - 0.8-1.5 km.They have a gray, flat-looking dome-shaped base and tight white tops.As a rule, this type of precipitation are no clouds.

- cumulonimbus clouds - 0.4-1.0 km.It is a whole array of clouds, whose dark blue base and white top.These clouds bring rain - showers, thunderstorms, hail or snow rump.

Whenever possible, peered into the sky, and you will very soon learn to distinguish not only the forms, but also types of clouds.