The monthly child allowance of up to 3 years: what will change by 2013

For every woman who are on leave to care, an important issue is to increase the level of state aid material.Certainly, women with children up to 1.5 years, receive monthly cash payments, the minimum size is constantly indexed.On 01.04.2012 he is: for one child - 2326 rubles. On the second and subsequent - 4651 rubles.But, after the cessation of payments, many women are forced to go to work.However, in many regions of Russia it is quite difficult to arrange child to preschool.

To date, 40% of children across the country in 5 years of age do not attend preschool.The reason - lack of space.Of course, now there are so-called private gardens.Unfortunately, most parents can not always afford them.For example, in Moscow, the payment for a garden ranges from 10 to 50 thousand. Rub., Depending on the "elite".In the provincial cities of payment for access to the private garden varies from 5 to 8 thousand. Rub.with an average salary of 15 thousand. rub.

In connection with this rather urgent problem, pending Russia's State Duma a bill under number 558761-5, which increases the time of payment of the monthly benefits until the child reaches 3 years of age.

What officials expected after the adoption of the bill?Of course, paid maternity leave would allow:

  • stimulate the birth rate;
  • increase the prestige of families with many children, to increase the importance of family values;
  • lower-to-date problem - a lack of places in preschools, allow mothers to take care of children and receive monthly child allowance of up to 3 years.

It should be noted that earlier a similar attempt failed.Extend child allowance up to 3 years was assumed in 2009, but officials rejected it, arguing the crisis situation in the country.

in 2012 to extend the child benefit up to 3 years is expected gradually.This is necessary in order not to provoke a crisis in the regional and federal budgets.

is worth mentioning that as of 01.04.2012, the amount of the allowance to 3 years is 50 rubles.

The bill is supposed to divide all regions of Russia into 3 main groups in the regions where the situation is most acute with the lack of places in preschool.

planned to introduce a child allowance up to 3 years in 2012 in the following regions:

  • Republic of Buryatia, Tuva and Altai;
  • Krasnoarmeysky and Kamchatka region;
  • Omsk, Astrakhan, Tomsk, Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Sakhalin, Kurgan, Volgograd, Ulyanovsk, Moscow, Irkutsk, Yaroslavl and Jewish areas;
  • Khanty - Mansi, Nenets and Yamalo - Nenets Autonomous District.

planned from 2013 to introduce changes in the following subjects:

  • The republics - Adygea, Karelia, Udmurtia, Mari El, Karachay -Cherkessiya, Kalmykia and Sakha (Yakutia);
  • Altai, Trans-Baikal, the Krasnodar, Stavropol and Primorsky regions;
  • Kostroma, Smolensk, Kemerovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Pskov, Kursk, Ivanovo, Voronezh, Sverdlovsk, Tver and Novosibirsk regions.

planned to introduce a child allowance up to 3 years in the following subjects:

  • The republics - Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Mordovia, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Komi, North Ossetia and Kabardino - Balkaria;
  • Chuvash and the Chechen Republic;
  • Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territory;
  • Chukotka;
  • Amur, Tyumen, Penza, Murmansk, Bryansk, Kirov, Belgorod, Magadan, Orel, Novgorod, Kaluga, Orenburg, Vladimir, Leningrad, Saratov, Vologda, Tula, Lipetsk, Chelyabinsk and Tambov regions;
  • Moscow and Saint - Petersburg.

consider and adopt the bill was supposed to still 01.01.2012.During the first reading of the bill, proshedshego15.02.2012 year found several positions that require improvements, in particular the definition of the source and mode of financing costs for the project.Therefore, the question remains about the child benefit up to 3 years.2012 is unlikely to change anything.According to the information from the sources you trust, in the case of the adoption of the bill will enter into force only with the next, ie,2013.