How to choose a children's play furniture

Children love to play in the plot-role-playing games: Mothers and Daughters, shops, schools.In these games, they "try on" different situations in life, it helps them not to get lost when similar situations occur later in real life.Make the games more realistic to help children's furniture.

Do not confuse playing with a toy furniture.Toy furniture is designed for dolls and children's furniture - especially for children.It is very similar to the real, but so is reduced to fit the size of the child.You can buy a whole set of furniture - almost a real kitchen or bedroom, even the doctor's office or shop counter.

course, children's furniture is increasingly being used in kindergartens, where it has enough free space, or in private homes, where it is possible to arrange a separate playroom.But even small children can find a place for a small table and a couple of chairs, which you can buy almost a real service.

choosing children's play furniture, you need to pay attention to several points.The first children's furniture should be easy, but it is solid and stable.Easy - because the same chairs child will wear from place to place, and they should not be too heavy for him.Durable and stable - that the child did not break it in the heat of the game (lack of strength in children is fully compensated activity, so do not underestimate your baby).

If you have a small apartment, you can buy a folding or collapsible gaming furniture.But then when you buy be sure to make sure that it is secure when assembled, are not staggered, so that all the elements were firmly in the respective attachment.Also helps save space angular furniture sets (for example, children's corner kitchen), they are compact.

To achieve lightness and strength, games for kids furniture is usually made of plastic.It is impossible to say for sure, this stuff is bad or good, because there are different types of plastic.So be sure to ask the seller a certificate certifying the safety and environmental friendliness of the material from which the furniture is made.If the plastic smell bad - in any case, do not buy this furniture, hoping the smell erode.Unpleasant smell - an indicator of poor quality plastic.

There are children's furniture made of wood, it is more expensive, but more environmentally friendly.The compromise solution between plastic and wood - furniture made of MDF, but then you need to choose very carefully.First, here, too, can not do without certificate validation - cheap furniture can give off formaldehyde.Second, the topsheet must be robust - with time it may peel off, and it is dangerous for the child.

Children's furniture is designed for space and outdoor.If you plan to take this furniture in the country, to the country, to make the courtyard, choose a special outdoor furniture.It is made of reinforced plastic, high quality, withstands temperature changes and resistance to sunlight.By the way, a good choice for a large garden or a room can be a children's playhouse.

course, children's furniture should not be sharp edges and protruding parts, for which the child may catch on and get hurt.It is better to choose furniture with smooth, sleek.Perhaps it will be less like the "adult", but you can be sure that your child does not happen.Special requirements for children's furniture sports (slides, ladders, tunnels, etc.).We think there is no need to explain why.

And, of course, furniture should be bright, because children like the bright, saturated colors.Choose furniture that is resistant to fading, you do not want to after a while bright chairs, tables and cabinets become faded and dull.And the furniture should be easy to clean if necessary.

Playing furniture for children - is not just a fun entertainment, it will help your child develop and try on the role of the adult.The main thing that you chose the furniture was safe and, of course, like to the child.Therefore, when choosing necessarily listen to his opinion.

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