History of Russia, 20th century - The main events through the eyes of our contemporaries

How often in recent years, our so-called "historians", "academics" invented academies, the "experts" in various areas (often far from a true story) write books, make films and transmission instigate debates, wherewith surprising persistence, foaming at the mouth, tell us about how bad and wrong our ancestors lived.It seems that the history of Russia of the 20th century for these "servants of Clio" no more than another public relations campaign aimed only at getting money for their fantasies.

However, it is the 20th century was probably the most filled for the period Russia.The revolution of 1905, followed by the October Revolution, which soveshila cardinal change of the whole historical process.The monarch was replaced by the Soviets, power has passed into the hands of ordinary people.Today there is a loud argument on the subject, who was favorable to make this revolution, if it was needed, and what it has brought more - benefit or harm.

ambiguous relationship to the contemporary identity of the last Russian tsar.Historians are divided into two opposing camps.On the one hand, our contemporaries lay on him all the responsibility for what happened, and the collapse of the monarchy in Russia.That Nicholas II accused of all sins: the inability to control the situation in the state, in its failure to understand the trend and needs time to carry out the transformations in the country, which could prevent the build-up of tension.That is, according to this common opinion, it can be concluded that in a difficult, critical moment in the history of our country on the throne of the emperor was incapacitated, the person affected by the reactionary influences, weak-willed, They reflect.

Another part of the historians, on the other hand, admires the last monarch, praising its quality in excellent shape.Russian historians Bokhanov A. and M. Gorinov very detailed look at all these issues with his book.They bring a variety of views of researchers of all stripes.

and certainly the most controversial personality in the period of socialism, causing the largest number of disputes and the most terrible cries from the latter-day "academics" is the personality of Josef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (Stalin).Indeed, the whole history of Russia, 20th century, built with the active participation of the man.It was he who "took the country to the plow and left with a nuclear bomb," he was the longest rule in this historical period, it is with him and under his leadership had won the Great Patriotic War.

What just did not accuse the governor of the tens of millions of people shot, genocide, death due to industrialization and collectivization, the outbreak of war.One of these myths, fiercely supported the opponents of Stalin, is the story of what he brought to power in Germany of Adolf Hitler.Let us try to understand a little bit on this issue, because there is involved not only the history of Russia, the twentieth century, but also the entire course of world history in general.

Let's start with a little question: "Do you know exactly what will happen in 10 years?" Or, we can formulate the question a little differently: "Who can exactly predict how to behave in any man in 5 years?".I have a hundred percent sure that no participants in the "Battle of psychics," analysts for the world's best institutions can not give you a precise answer.And only one person in the whole long history of humanity, allegedly "historians" could do it - Joseph Stalin.They, great and mighty, was predicted by the history of Russia, 20th century.

It was he who, knowing that in 39-40 years of the twentieth century, Adolf Hitler would unleash a world war, a genocide suit Slavs and Jews, will lead the Army of the Soviet Union, allowed to (or not prevent) in 1933 to cometo power in Germany.Do you like magic?Perhaps, at this moment, and it would be possible to stay in debunking the myth of the mystical leader of the people of insight.But you can add a little of the facts, the truth of Russian history, the 20th century remain somewhat aloof, and will be revealed only a small page of German history of the 20th century.

main thesis in defense of the truth modern "historians" put forward the postulate that if Stalin had allowed the Communist Party of Germany to vote, together with the Social Democratic Party of Germany, they would have scored more than 50% of the votes, and Hitler would not have come to power.

In addition, our "academics" are not interested in the opinion of the Germans, and after the elections of 1932 the city of the SPD did not even make attempts to nominate their candidate!Why is that?Why is this party and did not enter into an alliance with the KKE, which had according to various estimates from 13 to 15% of the vote?On the contrary, she even supported the only person who could make a real competition to Hitler - Hindenburg, allowing to gain 53% of votes.It was President Hindenburg before the March parliamentary elections in January 1933 allowed Hitler to form a government and become the head of the National Front in Germany.Due to the elections in 1933 the Nazi Party (headed by Hitler) won 44% of the vote, the KKE - 12.3%, the SPD - 18.3%.Anyone familiar with arithmetic and unfamiliar with the history of our "historians" say that 31 is less than 44.

can not turn back time.You can not change the past.But also the history of Russia, 20th century, should not misinterpret some figures today only to make her his name.