The loss of the Kursk - murky mystery

For several years have passed since the death of the submarine Kursk.In those days of August the whole world watched the events taking place in the Barents Sea.But, unfortunately, not a single member of the crew from the sunken boat could not be saved.The loss of the Kursk has generated a lot of rumors.Versions have been many, and still is not certain of the cause of the accident.Many people, especially the families of the dead sailors want to know the truth.Consider a few facts, but the mystery of the death of the Kursk and was not disclosed.

official version speaks of faults in the equipment of the submarine, which led to her death.These are the two explosions that occurred on that day.The first boomed in the torpedo tube and was not very significant.He was the cause of the second explosion in the torpedo compartment, in which the whole arsenal exploded, or most of it.However, the first explosion was able to secure only station to monitor the seismic situation in Norway.

This version, for which there was the death of the Kursk, there are some contradictions.In the area of ​​the exercise was a lot of ships, equipped with modern appliances, including acoustic.But none acoustician could not catch the first explosion.So it was not?

statement that submariners who survived the explosion, and then died from choking on the smoke, too questionable.In the ninth compartment, where the sailors were able to escape, a fire broke out.But there is conclusive evidence that it was extinguished.Really experienced sailors prevented reignition?However, carrying out of examination suggests the presence of a fire.Where is the truth?

probably the cause of death Kursk will remain a mystery.

But there are other versions of a past event.One of them seems more truthful.

talk about the number of explosions even seems pointless.All events are in the area say only one thing powerful explosion.Although when compared to the seismic equipment in Norway, which has recorded two explosions, and the ships that were in the area of ​​the exercise, the first loses on all counts.The presence of the first explosion, if it was, they could not miss.

Then why the investigation so easily accept this version?The Americans, who also claimed that there were two explosions, are perhaps interested party.Their ships were also in the area of ​​the exercise and could cause those events.

In those days, when there was the death of the Kursk, the Internet appeared small messages on a large site.It said the incident, which occurred in the Barents Sea, which could lead to World War III.It mentions that the current situation could lead to nuclear war.However, all was settled through diplomatic channels.A few hours later the news disappeared.

According to the unofficial version of the Russian submarine was torpedoed an American submarine.But this does not prove the hypothesis.

Either way, the death of the Kursk, has remained a mystery.Satisfied with the official version, the investigation was closed.Now it is impossible to recreate the events of that time.

may default the Russian and American sides of all the facts carefully guarded and hidden.But there is another aspect.After the Kursk catastrophe in the Norwegian port went two US submarines, which had obvious damage.They during these events were in the zone of the Russian navy exercises.It could happen accidentally torpedoed, but the Americans rejected this hypothesis.

Case closed, but in people's hearts will always be the memory of the dead sailors.It will take some time and may be the truth about the disaster will become the property of mankind.In the meantime, it remains satisfied with the official explanation for the event or to trust the other versions.