The invention of radio Popov - a controversial issue remains open

With the discovery of electricity possible humanity greatly enhanced.People have learned to transmit signals over wires that carried the information and even human speech.But the use of such a connection has been some inconveniences.Wires could not stretch after moving vehicles.The invention of radio Popov became a new stage in the development of communications.

It is possible to transfer information from one radio to another with the use of electromagnetic waves.One source emits radio waves, and the other accepts them.

invention of radio Popov took place in 1895.It was then that he created the first radio.This device has been very sensitive to the radiation of electromagnetic waves.Initially, the receiver received and responded only to those that occurred in the atmosphere, that is, the lightning strikes.But gradually it was improved and began to distinguish the information transmitted from other sources.But the year of the invention of radio - 1895y.

over the demanding task of creating radio fought many scientists from around the world.These studies began long before the implementation of the plan.The history of the invention of radio involves several steps and a very long period of time.Danish scientist Oersted conducted research and found that near the unit, conducting current field appears magnetic waves.Another physicist Faraday discovered and proved in practice that the magnetic field is a source of electric current birth.A few scientists have defined the relationship of the magnetic fields and electric fields and their impact on each other.

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Therefore, we can say that the invention of radio Popov, was the final stage of the work done by many people.

Technical design of the first receiver of electromagnetic waves was very simple.It had an electric bell, a battery, a tube glass, in which sawdust and are electromagnetic relays.As a spark gap transmitter was used, which provoked a wave vibrations in the antenna.The antenna has also been used for the first time.Received wave impacted sawdust, which becomes a conductor of electric current.Relay weaken their action, and they took another signal.

But the development and improvement of the device is not over.Popov created a radio that was able to work and make waves at greater distances.Within five years of reception range is 40 kilometers.

Radio has become an integral part of people's lives.Thanks to him were rescued fishermen, who swept into the sea on an ice floe in 1900.Users will appreciate the convenience of such a connection.

But the invention of radio Popov is still being questioned.The debate about whether it was he who first invented this device, do not cease to this day.In the West, it is believed that radio was the first inventor Marconi.

Both inventor made virtually the same technical additions to existing inventions.This occurred at the same time.When Popov demonstrated his radio, Marconi did the same, and even applied for a patent.Therefore, this question remains open.

in Russia is considered to be the official day of radio May 7, 1895.Radio inventor named Alexander Popov.

But most importantly, in spite of all the controversy, this event gave impetus to the development of communication.It opened to mankind new opportunities and prospects in this area.Today we can not imagine life without radio and other communications.Therefore, mankind should be grateful to those scientists, who for many years were to this discovery.Each of them has contributed to the common cause for the good of all people.