Start of World War II: Nazi Germany

when the first World War, Germany was not in a very enviable position.The Treaty of Versailles was imposed on her huge contribution, and, besides, she was not allowed to have a large army.The country was covered by a very deep economic and political crisis, and in this situation the population expect the appearance of a man capable to return the former grandeur of the state.Took advantage quickly catches the public mood of the leader of the National Socialist Party of Adolf Hitler.He did not shun any means to achieve their goals, and the main of them was just complete and unconditional seizure of power in the country.And the first thing to be done - is to destroy the opposition, than Hitler and engaged.As a result of all those who tried to resist were sent to concentration camps without trial.So Nazi Germany slowly but surely beginning to exist.Began to conduct mass persecution of foreigners, especially Jews.Do not avoid brushing and a private party: this process is known in history as the "night of the long knives."Thus, we were physically eliminated such party leaders as Strasser, Rohm, von Kahr and many others.They were charged with the attempted coup.

In 1934, Hitler had been assigned to the president's powers, as well as the title of leader of the "Third Reich."There was a SS, the so-called security forces.In 1935, legislation Nazi Germany supplemented the Nuremberg racial laws that deprive people of Jewish nationality in that country.

Versailles Treaty was violated, the country began to create armed forces and the newest weapon: Hitler deliberately preparing for war.Major European powers strenuously pretended not to notice it, as expected, that Nazi Germany would be strong enough to stop the constantly growing might of the Soviet Union.

In the same 1935 Britain signed a naval pact with Germany, and in 1936 Hitler was made an alliance with Mussolini, the fascist leader of Italy.In March 1938, Hitler intervened in the military and political affairs of Austria, which soon occupied.Britain and France were forced to agree to the division of Czechoslovakia.Then Nazi Germany "to seize" the western part of it.

From the Soviet Union August 23, 1939 was signed a nonaggression pact, but with the condition of the partition of Poland, which was the attack on September 1, 1939.This was the beginning of World War II.Then for two years it was occupied Scandinavia, France, Yugoslavia and Greece.The objective of Hitler was more than "modest": to capture the whole of Europe, and then the whole world.According to the plan of Hitler, many nations, including Jews and Russian, should have been either completely wiped out or become slaves of the Aryan Nation.However, after it was seized by Europe, Hitler stood in the way of the Soviet Union, he could not admit to the establishment of the fascist dictatorship in Germany spread around the world.

terrible consequences of the Second World War led to the fact that the vast majority of those who fought before countries rallied together in order to prevent new armed conflicts.There was a need to establish an effective system of collective security.So, in April 1945 it was established by the United Nations (UN).One of the political consequences of the war was the defeat of the fascist powers hostile groups whose purpose was not only the redistribution of the whole world, but also the elimination of other states, enslavement, and even complete destruction of some peoples (genocide).Nazi Germany as one of the centers of militarism completely disappeared, but a new international political configuration, which was based on two efforts in the war between the USSR and the US, the center of attraction - the Western and Eastern blocs opposing.Communism, originally called him is a political phenomenon, had no more than a local nature: nearly half a century, it has become one of the determining factors of world development.