How to escape from the tsunami in Thailand

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Thailand - beautiful and friendly country with its own flavor, history and interesting sights.The main source of revenue for the State is a tourist business, so there is everything to settle for a perfect holiday.World-famous Thai resorts such as Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi and others annually take more than a million tourists.

this amazing country can surely be called a paradise on earth, if not a disaster, from time to time remind yourself Thais and visitors.Tsunami in Thailand - a phenomenon by no means rare, forcing travelers to ponder the question of whether it is worth to go to the resort to risk his life, and came - to be constantly on the alert.

tsunami occurs due to strong underwater earthquake, vibration of the crust move huge amounts of water.On the open space waves are gaining tremendous speed, rapidly sweeping ashore.The most dangerous seismic zone located close to Indonesia and the Philippines.It was from the giant waves rush to Thailand.

should be noted that not all of the territory of the country prone to natural disasters.Therefore, more should be concerned about those who are traveling through southern Thailand.Access to the Gulf of Thailand covers the Indochinese peninsula, so those who are going to rest in Koh Samet, Pattaya, Koh Kood, do not worry.

tsunami in Thailand covers mostly a southern resorts.Since 2004, the country has a national center for the prevention of natural disasters on the population.He began his work immediately after a terrible tragedy overtaken the country.In 2004, a tsunami in Phuket has killed more than 400 thousand people.Such a huge number of victims could have been avoided if people would be warned in advance.

Every tourist should take care of their own salvation.Since the tsunami in Thailand may appear at any time of year, you must always keep your eyes open.It is impossible to ignore the media.According to local TV channels, newspapers and Internet ads may appear on the impending threat.Therefore, it is important to always stay up to date.

Approximation tsunami in Thailand can predict and animals.They feel threatened in advance, get nervous and run away into the mountains.Especially noticeable reaction of the animals in the zoo.In 2004, many people were saved thanks to the elephants, which they rode along the coast.Animals feel the approach of the tsunami in Thailand and fled to higher ground.

Another sure sign of approaching disaster is a strong tide water.Perhaps if people just pay attention to it, you will not be blithely walked along the shore and had to move to a safe distance.Tsunami as it absorbs water, so there is low tide, so that after hit with incredible force.

To escape from the tsunami, you must always be informed, to listen to conversations, carefully follow the news and pay attention to warning local authorities.You should also look closely to the phenomena of nature, to watch the sea, the habits of animals.At the slightest sign should be immediately evacuated away from the coast to higher ground without losing the gift of a minute.