The subject of social psychology and its tasks

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Social psychology lies at the junction of two major sciences - psychology and sociology, so the subject of social psychology is difficult to isolate.General psychology interested states, processes, mechanisms occurring in the psyche of the individual as such.Psychologists rather focus attention on the differences of individuals.Social psychology is interested, above all, how to affect the identity of a social group, whether there is a reverse process (the influence of the individual to the social group) as individuals in a social group, interact with people from different social groups.Thus, it can be determined that the psychology and social psychology studying the same object, which is the individual.

Sociology examines large and small groups of people, leaving the brackets are individual differences between them.The subject of this science is the study of the processes taking place in classrooms, strata, ethnic groups and other groups in society, the relationship between these groups.The subject of social psychology lies in a particular plane - interaction of a single individual with society.That is, sociology and social psychology studies how people behave in groups, but social psychology emphasizes yet on the psychological moment.

In addition, the subject of social psychology touches those layers of social relations, which is not interested in the sociology of science.For example, the relationship "patient-doctor", "rookie class", "Head-slave", "child-parent", etc.You can define in a way that social psychology is a science that studies the way people thought about each other, the relationship between social groups and interaction between them.Social psychologists worried, for example, creating a fashion that causes panic or enthusiasm for large gatherings of people that have assembled crowd aggression, etc.

All of us for one day fulfill different social roles.In the morning, we turn reincarnate of the parents (the baby) in passenger public transport manager (artist, but also a member of the working group), the buyer of the patient in the clinic, neighbors, people gathered in a circle of friends, a participant of the meeting, and so on, drawingin mutual communication with the outside world.What affects us that shapes our knowledge and understanding of how they should behave with various representatives of different social groups?Can we influence and change the order of relations created?The object and purpose of social psychology is precisely to answer these questions.

on the individual - whether he likes it or not - affected by gender, social education, education, fashion, advertising.This is compounded by the social processes taking place in society: the impoverishment of the vast numbers of the masses, or, conversely, increasing prosperity, growing anger or hope, enthusiasm or apathy.The subject of social psychology - the study of human behavior as a party of social relations.And the party's various social groups, both small (family, circle of friends), and medium (personality - staff) and large (class, ethnicity).

social psychology concerned themselves as mechanisms of social influence on the person.What makes an individual to treat a particular group of people anyway?What or who can affect change in this attitude?What are the individual characteristics of a person must possess in order to become a leader's charisma or purchase in a given society and affect a particular social situation?It is also an object of study of social psychology.Thus, the subject of social psychology - the study of psychological processes, states and properties of the individual, manifested in the relationships with others, the inclusion of the individual in different social groups and in economic, legal, political and other relations of society.