Where to get a new sample MHI policy: description of the procedure under the new legislation

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Healthcare - one of the key social sectors of the state, which in recent years has undergone many transformations diverse class.One of the last large-scale changes, both in terms of the economy and social security, has become the de facto transition from state to insurance medicine, and therefore to receive assistance by doctors earlier form a plan must obtain MHI policy.

key difference between the insurance and the public medicine is that in the former case, the financing of medical care is made from the budget of the insurance company, which is formed as a result of compulsory payments to all employers.At the same time the state budget additional funding is made exclusively of the type of services that are not covered by the budget of the insurer.When public health financing source material support is exclusively state.

Prior to the adoption of new legislation on health insurance, which is mandatory, the answer to the question of where to get the MHI policy was sufficiently clear.If the citizen is working, getting policy made only through an employer.Old policy is exchanged for a new employer insurance document.If a citizen does not work, obtain policy OMC produced exclusively for permanent residence (place of registration).In principle, such a system of medical insurance can be considered very formal.

Today, in connection with the adoption of new legislation, the question of where to get the MHI policy, decided differently.Let's start with what is now the mandatory insurance is not tied to a place of work citizens.Regardless of whether you are working or not, receipt of health insurance is made only at the place of your registration.And absolutely does not matter what is your residence (temporary or permanent) - for MHI policy you need to apply in person to the insurance company.Such a system of insurance of citizens is considered to be closest to the European standards.

To resolve the issue, where he MHI policy, to begin to identify the insurance company, which will serve you.The insurer shall issue a medical insurance policy that is valid indefinitely at registration, the relevant region receipt of the document.

as a mandatory annex to the insurance policy MHI insurance organization gives the reminder that you need to show each time you visit outpatient clinics, hospitals, laboratories and hospitals.This appendix lists all health institutions, which attributed to the insured.As a rule, these institutions are chosen on the nearest location to the place of registration.However, if the address of the actual residence does not coincide with the address of which is decorated in registration, you can apply to the insurance company, where he MHI policy before you decide to purchase a new memo of the patient.

Replacement insurance document to help doctors needed in the following situations:

  • when changing the place of registration;
  • when changing employers;
  • if the document is lost or corrupted;
  • when the data of the passport;
  • at the expiry of the policy (for Russian citizens in the design of the policy of a single sample - is irrelevant).

In conclusion, the policy MLA old model still continue to operate in the entire territory of Russia.Any advantages and benefits of the new policy does not provide a single standard.