Does abortion a sin?

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Let's talk bluntly as adults.The topic will be one of the most vital and hushed.But a huge number of people of both sexes do not sleep at night, suffer without having a clue with whom to consult or just to talk.They reflect: abortion - a sin or not?We will not consider different everyday situations.We speculate in general, to understand, whether abortion is a sin, and how to be, if it decided to redeem.

From what side to look?

know, surely everyone understands that it is important enough that a person is given such a question.Whence comes the wine, does not matter.Once it is understood that it is necessary to understand that sin to have an abortion, then there is something inside, something vital, living, palpitating!Prove it simple.Push down on the essence of life, as understood by the vast majority of people.It lies in the extension of the kind.Do you agree?You ask, what does an abortion?The sin in this case is that the woman directly, and her partner indirectly deprived of the potential human life.Science, by the way, is involved in a pointless debate about whether the embryo is a person.It does not make much sense it.After all, God had already decided many millions of years ago, when he created this wonderful world.Remember the story of the expulsion from Paradise?The woman behind the fall will give birth in pain and so on.Lord these words makes it clear to man that the child is holy, He gives him a pair.So, by the way, not all are thinking.There are many people who think quite different categories.They believe in their own infallibility, that nobody has the right to evaluate or judge their decisions.It is then very expensive when purchased some conventional wisdom, and "eyes open".But now is not about that.To understand an abortion - the sin or not, you need to dig yourself.This is extremely important.Let us think.

religious or spiritual?

When a woman begins to talk about "abortion - a sin or not," in any case, come to the fore life circumstances.All certainly understand it.A wanted pregnancy is rarely interrupted.Consequently, it is that the woman agrees to the operation because of the primitive fear.Everything else - the notions and excuses.Unborn child is already prevents live his probable mother (and sometimes dad).Few of these people are thinking about the divine nature of the soul.This is typical of religious people.However, they also show weakness, if it becomes a choice: limit yourself to something or to give force to the new creature.But it should know and think.

There are not important relationship with religion.The right to give life - a great happiness.Probably the only thing that is given almost everyone.We believe natural gift.But consider: is it makes us living creatures other than stones or stars, for example.It understands the countless women who dared yet to become mothers.Awareness of the essence of our earthly journey comes through experience.Clutching her baby to the breast, the young woman begins to feel how close was the terrible fall of the devil, if thought about abortion.But this joyful moment, not every case.Many become infertile after surgery.Then they repent and cry, but too late!

to abortion

Apparently, something is wrong in our society is arranged.This opinion is shared by representatives of almost all religious denominations.For them, there is no disagreement on the issue of whether abortion is a sin.After all, life is not given to the parents, it comes from the Lord (as to describe it).Only modern civilization totally unreasonable decided it has the right to usurp some of the functions of God.The arguments are as follows.The process of conception is no longer a secret.In any textbook all painted inside and out.It refers to the process mechanism.On the one hand, nothing wrong with knowledge as such is not.On the other, the results are discouraging.A man grown wise modern knowledge becomes cynical.He does not see the essence of the sacred in the process of rebuilding his own kind.And hence completely indifferent attitude towards abortion."What's wrong?"- Many people think.- "When I want to, then the face!"These "thinkers" do not take the trouble to reflect on what they are going to do.Only with experience, through a lot of time start to rush, figuring out how to atone for the sin of abortion.And in the best case!

But this is real murder!

on this topic in the community, across the world, there is a constant debate.He then dies, then breaks out with a bang.He concluded that when a person appears.The most common view, which is supported by traditions, by the way - each of us counts his earthly journey from birth.When thinking in terms of sin, that statement does not seem so harmless.It turns out that the killing of the fetus - is not a sin.After all, he is not a man.

Apparently, the introduction into our society this idea someone is favorable.After a century ago believed that abortion - a terrible sin.Yes rarely anyone at the time, came up with the seditious thought about getting rid of the baby.People living in other values.Today believe that this is "a lack of education."Others talk about intimacy with nature.In fact, in this respect to the termination of her pregnancy and had an understanding of the divine conception, if you like, the weakness of man before God.How did it happen that people began to see the world so lightly?At this point there are many opinions, including the original.

Conspirology and abortion

combination of strange, is not it?However, the issue in question is so serious for the survival of human value that is in the field of view of any and all structures.In particular, the conspiracy theorists say that as much, as the world government has decided to impress potential mothers thought of correctness and forgivable abortion.There is the idea that the planet is too little space.The population is growing exponentially, and resources are insufficient.That is, if you believe those "prophets", then soon we will die of hunger and thirst.At all do not have enough food and water.The conclusion is simple and obvious.It is birth control.This creates a variety of means.When they do not help women provide medical conditions to break the "unwanted" pregnancy.The fact that abortion - a great sin, no one is trying to not mention.

Those who create public opinion on a global scale, the resource is so huge that the fight against it seems quite useless.About naturalness of abortion say the publication in the media, it is gently instilled through movies and programs.There reluctant to believe in a conspiracy against the human race.It turns out, the whole system is that the worst thing that can not be identifying a simple man, pushes women to immoral, sinful decisions.This retreat was intended to demonstrate the degree of pressure on the person asking the question, whether the sin of abortion.All information machine, including the state of its segment, is working on this.

possible to consider himself equal to God?

This question follows logically from the preceding arguments.After all, daring to interrupt the pregnancy, a woman goes against the will of the Lord to give her the happiness of motherhood.She thinks she has the right to lead their lives.This is, if you think about it, a certain bias.After starting a meaningful existence should not be to the point where there is a choice: whether to commit a crime against the Almighty.Priority should be free from the pressures of society, its stamps, including information and suggestion engine.After all, God gave man life is the fact that he managed it.And we present propagandists leave only a small "window of opportunity".Everyone has the right to choose, in our case, of the opportunity.Other roads overlap a priori.Man they just can not see.For example, the issue in question "Does an abortion a sin," there is not all.After all, it is necessary to have not only some of the educational and intellectual base, but also the freedom of thought.This means the ability to disconnect from the generally accepted opinion, to show independence.

Abortion - a mortal sin!

The truth is simple.She, by the way, we are constantly trying to impress people whose vocation is to serve the Lord, holding his teachings into society.Abortion - it is a terrible sin!There is nothing worse than take the life of his own kind.But this is what happens at the time when potential parents only think about abortion.They allow thoughts of killing, who are obliged to give the joy of earthly existence, creativity, belonging to the divine creation.Moreover, it is a sin when a woman agrees to the operation and carries it.For thus it is becoming "complicit" murder.In no other way to tell.

man, his soul, appear in the world at the moment of conception.Some researchers say that even before.Do not give it to incarnate - is to go against God.It is He who decides when there is the greatest of the sacraments, the birth.And then there are questions from frustrated mothers and fathers, "to atone for the sin of abortion there?", "What to do to atone for it?" It should be noted that the Lord is gracious.He forgives all your children.Only need to correctly and carefully treat this, showing a minimum of sincerity.

What to talk about clergymen?

asking how to atone for the sin of abortion, believers often come to his confessor.It makes sense to listen to those whose authority is unquestioned, confirmed by many good deeds.Archbishop of Ekaterinburg and Vikentiy of Verkhotourie had to comment on the topic.Let us lean in the arguments at his words.In particular, he assured his parishioners that the great sin of abortion.He believes that because of it suffer and men and women.And all because of thoughtlessness, lack of firmness in the shower.

When people are faced with a similar problem, the archbishop comments, it seems that it is a commonplace, everyday.Most young women and men are guided by the experience of friends.Only then comes the realization of the offense.They start to rush and suffer.Conscience does not lead normal lives, to engage in business as usual.People want to do something that will soothe their souls, will lift the heavy burden from his shoulders.The Archbishop said that those individuals, it is desirable to go to his confessor or your nearest temple.They need to confess and repent.The latter is essential for those who wish to be cleansed from sin.The fact that the Lord will not punish a person, realizing the extent of his fall.Therefore, according to Archbishop Vincent, the redemption of sin of abortion ought to start with the inner repentance, understanding what made.

whether to forgive the sin of abortion?

Such a question often asked church officials.It is not as simple as it seems.You can not rest on a single repentance.You must convince yourself of its life, and the Lord is that you recognize your mistake, you know it will not allow more.In particular, Archbishop Vincent recommends that people change their behavior.He argues that it is necessary to conduct an audit opinion and internal values.His life is so organized to carry another teaching of the Lord.Let neighbors and start a meaningful existence, go to the temple, respect His commandments.Start, perhaps, easier to relatives.And then, when you realize the goodness of such acts, try to give God all, encourages the lord.Particular attention should be paid to those friends that just as you do at the time, going to step on the path of sin.They need to talk, trying to explain the harmfulness of such a decision.The experience of the repentant is very important for those who are on the verge of the abyss of the devil.Because, unfortunately, a lot of young women behave in this matter lightly.They, of course, be sure to repent, I'm sure the lord, only to return will not be back.But help someone who has already passed these thorny paths and understand their pernicious sin, can open their spiritual eyes.This will lead them to happiness parenthood.Another soul will be born!And it is able to repentant man!

pray or act?

It turns out that just going to church, taking part in the service is not enough.Lord, what is written in many sacred books, judges in cases word for it empty.Archbishop Vincent in an interview highlighted the question of how to atone for the sin of abortion.He said that the need to work on in disgust the people from evil.In today's world many temptations.Not all of them lead man to God.Conversely, most of it is folded in the opposite direction.I sincerely religious person can not pass indifferently by.Bishop believes that ought to influence as much as possible to their friends so that they think about their behavior, it tried to negotiate with the Lord's commandments.Carry truth and goodness to others, in the way of redemption, says the archbishop.When you try to snatch even one soul out of the hands of the devil, you're doing great and compassionate thing, he said.Here it is, a true way of redemption of their own sin.Care must be taken with care to treat others.More work on, so that they saw the light of the Lord, understand the joy of following his teachings, turned a diabolical temptations.Those who are merciful to others, content with small, divided material and spiritual, is worthy of the kingdom of heaven.His sins will be forgiven, says Bishop.


There is one thing recommended lord.He believes that only an active compassion compassionate neighbor enough.It should become a part of the Temple of the Lord.Those who do not understand, tell me.Temple - it's not quite what we now represent.So originally called the whole community of believers.Their souls are walking along the path indicated by Jesus constitute His Church on earth.That is not quite the building, and the company of like-minded, who support each other spiritually and what to hide material.This community is composed of all who lived there before and now.You see, what's the point?The Temple of the Lord is a community of souls of believers.And one that has not come into the world because of your fault, too.Therefore, says Bishop Vincent, should pray fervently for his immortal soul.Pray that the Lord gave her his mercy.The work, by the way, great and useful.But first one must repent sincerely.Sinner's prayer, as we know, will not be heard.But the deeds and words of the repentant man reach the goal.So Archbishop Vincent explains.

Specific recommendations

Let's summarize this long narrative.Keep in mind that abortion is a sin.Of course, it is better to avoid it altogether.But if there is nothing you can not recover, you need to repent.First, it is recommended to think about their own behavior and all the circumstances of the adoption of such a decision.Do not look for excuses.They were not there when the murder is committed.Realizing the sinfulness of this act, go to confession.Prior to this, it is recommended to speak to the confessor, ask for help if they themselves can not understand.Atonement - the great work of the soul in the first place.And this work for you no one will.And then should begin to change their lives.Carry the light of the Lord to people, help, learn to show kindness and mercy.There is nothing that God will not forgive repentant sinners.Just need to convince his deeds, not empty words.And do not forget to pray for the soul of the unborn baby.Incidentally, Bishop Benjamin said that it ought to do in the temple and at home.Be sure to buy icons, place them so that they light their faces the whole house overlooked.Let every minute of your life be filled with joy with the Lord.Create and work for Him, follow His teachings and bring it to the people.That such a way would be for someone who wants to atone for the sin of abortion.It will serve as the Lord's arms in disgust of many other people from the Fall.This is a great and meaningful work.Ruined by an inexperienced one soul, you can help save many others.The Lord certainly will see it and will manifest his mercy to the one who carries his teaching others!