The biggest snake in the world.

Snakes generally do not cause positive emotions.They are quite unsightly appearance and often not all are pleasant to the touch.It should be remembered that the snake may be of different size.However, in the forests of Russia, as a rule, there are individuals not larger snake or viper.In the tropics, also inhabit the most dangerous snakes in the world.Usually they are reasonably large size.

biggest snake in the world, represents a threat, it's an anaconda.It should be noted that the members of this family inhabit remote places for ordinary tourists.

longest snake in the world had a size of 11 meters 43 centimeters.However, typically individuals reach five to six meters in some cases, and nine.To date, the biggest snake in the world - nine meters.This anaconda is contained in the Zoological Society in America.

Anaconda is distinguished not only for its large size.The biggest snake in the world and has a characteristic color in the gray-green tones.On the sides it has yellow spots in the black border, and on the back - oblong brown spots.This disguise is considered ideal for a predator accustomed to watch his prey in the water covered with algae and leaves.

Due to the fact that the biggest snake dwells in inaccessible places, the number of exact count is not possible.As a rule, the giant birds inhabit the quiet backwaters of the Amazon and Orinoco.Occasionally they crawl on the beach to soak up the sun.

previously in the literature can be found, the term "water boa."It should be said that the biggest snake in the world really belongs to the subspecies of boas and spends much of his life in the water.However, the subspecies has its own name - "a giant anaconda."

If the body of water in which the individual lives, dry, and near other bodies of water not, it buries itself in the mud and hibernate.Sleeps huge snake before the rainy season.The giant anaconda can not develop normally, hunt and live out of water bodies.Even snakes molt occurs in the water.The giant anaconda rubs against the bottom, pulling gradually old skin.

Like other boas, anacondas are not poisonous.Swag snake squeezes in his "close embrace."The victim is almost impossible to break free.Small chance there is, perhaps, the only person who can have time to catch the tail of an anaconda, not allowing to turn around.However, even this is unlikely to happen, because the size of her inspiring.It should, incidentally, be noted that the female anaconda is much bigger and stronger than the male.

It is believed that the victim anaconda breaks the spine and damage internal organs.It should be noted that this is not the case.Anaconda is enough to block the victim oxygen.Production thus die from suffocation.

should be noted that the adult in nature does not threaten virtually nothing.Only a few jaguars can be dangerous for anacondas.However, the young specimens are dying from a wide variety of predators.

largest snake became the protagonist of many books and Hollywood films.