Marine life of the Red Sea

How amazing world of the water element!Until now, I can not say that the depth of the oceans and seas studied the man completely.Increasingly, people exploring the watery element, there are strange, downright fantastic marine life.

Everyone knows the tale, which speak of sirens and mermaids - beings with the appearance of beautiful naked women with a fish tail.Sirens in the legend have the magic voice heard that people kameneyut.Today it is known that almost all of it - a fantasy.Except for one thing - mermaids and sirens actually exist!

However, they do not look like beautiful women.This so-called dugongs - mammals of the order Sirenia.Translated from Malay language the name means "mermaid" or "mermaid".

Maybe the way of their movement, which is different from other creatures swimming the seas and oceans, embarrass those who met with them in the sea.For marine life dugongs "walk" along the bottom of shallow waters, relying on the front fins like arms.And when navigating these animals are active tail.Only juveniles used for swimming pectoral fins.

And about mermaid songs and say nothing!Solid mockery!After all, the "sea virgin" is usually very silent.Just frightened or excited individuals are able to issue a sharp whistle.Cubs as dugongs and does only able to bleat like a sheep to the earth.What here the songs?

Speaking about the inhabitants of the sea, one can not forget about these amazing creatures like octopus.These sea creatures are cephalopods, meaning all of their eight legs, tentacles grow right out of my head.Their octopus uses to capture food.And if the baby octopus, can cause tenderness, the adults of some species can be quite aggressive and dangerous to humans.

is particularly interesting for the ichthyologists of the Red Sea.Here you can find bottlenose dolphins and green turtles, sharks and moray eels.

napoleon fish - one of the most amazing fish living in the Red Sea.Its name, these are rare marine life got kind of build-up on the front of the head.

Generally, the water of the Red Sea abound with different types of fish, their appearance can shake any imagination.For example, the clown fish or mullet.

also bright and attractive butterflyfish.The characters are not animated film?

affects people their views and those of the Red Sea marine life like sea cucumbers.In another way, they are also called sea Potbelly or holothurians.It invertebrates echinoderms, which are mostly prefer to lie on the sea or ocean floor.There are about 1150 species of these creatures.

sea cucumber meat people eat, their venom is used in pharmacology.But it is not averse to eat holothurians and sea creatures.Therefore, in case of danger, the sea cucumber can shoot water through the anus part of the colon with water light, thereby distract or scare the attacker.An interesting fact is that the authorities have lost echinoderms invertebrate recovered very quickly.