Resources of the oceans and their importance

Oceans - is a big part of the water shell of the Earth.It is a continuous space, which washes continents and adjacent islands.Water in all the world's oceans are different the same salt composition.Ocean resources play an important role for humanity.The number and variety of people can provide everything necessary for life.A more rational use of mineral reserves would solve many of the problems that are associated with a lack of fresh water, raw materials and food.

ocean resources are divided into energy, animal, mineral and vegetable.Let us consider in more detail each of these categories.

biological resources, in turn, are divided into animal and plant organisms that live in the vast waters of the ocean.A variety of biological resources in this part of the world is 140 thousand species.This demonstrates the variety and richness of the oceans.The most popular of biological resources are animals that live in large numbers in the water column.Plants and animals that are called benthic organisms, are used not as active.Extraction of seaweed occurs in larger scale.They are used in industry for the production of paper, adhesive, textile, and many other drugs.Biological resources make up about 20 percent protein, which consumes a person.

All mineral resources of the oceans are also a great variety.Naturally, the main resource is water.In addition to its desalination, which is especially important for humanity, there is a production of about 75 chemical elements.From water extract bromo, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, and certain side connections are also necessary.

Natural resources of the world ocean contained not only in the water, but on the ocean floor.A large amount of ore mined from the surface.Among these iron ore, coal, gas, sulfur, oil, diamonds, manganese and other minerals.Resources of the World Ocean, and include sand, gravel and shell.

all ocean consist in constant motion.They affect the climate and the water cycle that occurs in nature.This movement of water is the source of energy.These include wave energy, tidal power, which reaches 6 billion. KWh, temperature control.Ocean energy in our country exceeds the capacity of hydroelectric power plants.It is also the world's oceans is a source of fuel, which will continue to be used on fusion power plants.

ocean resources are used in various fields of human activity.As a source of food it exists long enough.Ever since the ancient ocean served as a place of production of fish and other organisms.But with the development of mining, chemical industry, energy and other areas of science, the role of ocean resources has become more significant.

the oceans is not only the world economy but also the region's political life.The world is a section of spheres of influence and the conquest of this part of the planet.Thus resources of the oceans and their immediate production are the main target of this relationship.

Oceans - is focusing on all sides of human life.Therefore, the need for rational use of its resources.Some varieties are able to reproduce itself, but this requires time and respect from the people.Only in this case it is possible to count on a constant replenishment and solutions at the expense of the many issues that confront all of the world.