UN the history and structure

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the United Nations as the system evolved over a long enough period.The birth of the United Nations launched an even more hundreds of years ago.It was created as a mechanism for effective management of the international community.History of the United Nations was in stages.

first intergovernmental and international organizations have begun to take shape in the mid-nineteenth century.This phenomenon was caused by the formation after the revolutions of states seeking for independence and progress of scientific and technological development, which led to the relationship states.History of the UN is largely determined by these factors.

integration processes began to penetrate into the economy of the most developed countries in Europe.In connection with this, and there was such a new form of inter-state relations as intergovernmental organizations.

history of the UN has many mysteries.Many questions about its origin until today remain controversial.The history of the twentieth century began with the wars, including two world.This led to the desire of countries to create an international organization is not economic, but political orientation in order to prevent possible future wars.The first draft of the plan has been implemented to create the League of Nations (1919).However, it has not proved its effectiveness.This was evident from the beginning of the Second World War.This war has given a strong impetus to the social and governmental initiatives for the organization of security and peace.

still arguing about who is the first of the allies made a proposal on the establishment of the United Nations.History of the United Nations from the perspective of Western historians began with the Atlantic Charter, Roosevelt and Churchill, signed in 1941, on August 14.Soviet scientists rightly refer to this document as a Soviet-Polish declaration of 1941, of 04 of December.

there was no disagreement on the question of what the most important stage in the creation of the United Nations began in 1943.October 30 this year, a declaration was signed by representatives of the USA, the USSR, China and the UK.The Declaration proclaimed recognition of the need to establish a universal international organization, whose aim is to maintain security and peace in the international scale.The Declaration on the equality of all peace-loving countries and their right to participate in the creation of the International Union countries.

itself the decision to establish the United Nations was adopted at the Yalta Conference in the Crimea, the leaders of the anti-Hitler kaolitsiya.It was signed by Joseph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.It was at this conference, held on 4-11 February 1945 had formulated the basic principles of the United Nations, determined its structure and functions.

history of the UN and the structure worked out gradually.Already on UN Charter established the basic organs of the world body.It is the General Assembly, the Trusteeship Council, the Security Council, the Secretariat and the International Court of Justice, Economic and Social Council.

addition, the statute permitted with the consent of the General Assembly to establish other self-managed organization.On this point, the Security Council established a peacekeeping force.

in April 1945 in San Francisco, a conference was held in order to develop the UN charter.This was attended by delegates from 50 countries.Officially entered into force on 24 October 1945, so this date is considered the birthday of the United Nations.

Since 1946, a special operating agency - UNESCO (World Organization of the UN Committee on Science, Culture and Education), which is located in Paris.

In 1948, the General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which were spelled out all the rights of everyone, including the basic rights to life, liberty, security of person, private property, and so forth.

In 1948 the United Nations set up a special CommissionEndangered animals and plants with which began the history of the Red Book.

Today, the UN included 192 countries.