History of the Russian anthem - the history of the country

history of the anthem of Russia - the country's history

Much of what happens in this life pass us by.We do not notice that every phenomenon leaves a trail and is an indication of the changes that occur without our participation and desire.One of these pages is the story of the anthem of the Russian Federation, which clearly shows methane our country from one extreme to another.

Oddly, for a long time, Russia did not have the national anthem and the ceremony with the participation of foreign ambassadors and other events of national importance occurred originally, under various church hymns.In most cases, he performed prayer "Many years" and this situation lasted until the late 1780s.However, after Emperor Peter the Great "opened a window to Europe", these songs have become interspersed with medieval-European anthem "You, God, praise."All winning events during the Northern War were marked by singing this piece after the other devotional chants.Toward the end of the reign of Peter the Great ordered t

o perform even the oratorio "Transfiguration of the march of Peter the Great."This moment can be considered as time, when the real history of the Russian national anthem, because the Transfiguration march from then on became a major in the country.Even since 1917, while the march served as the anthem of the State Councils.

In general, the first hymn of Russia, history of which dates back to the end of the Patriotic War of 1812 - a "Russian Prayer" on poems by A.Zhukovsky, known popularly as the "God Save the Tsar!".It was first performed, when celebrating the anniversary of the opening of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum.And the history of the Russian anthem had already been marked by the fact that ASPushkin has added to the basic words of two additional verses, executed on the same day.The song was so pleased with Alexander I, which he ordered to make it the basis for execution at the meetings of the emperor and the regimental band included "Russian Prayer" in a mandatory repertoire.

December 25, 1833, when celebrating the anniversary of the victory of the Russian army over Napoleon's hordes, the history of the Russian anthem was continued as the official national anthem "God Save the Tsar!" Rewritten Prince AFLvov.And the hymn of Russia, the history of creation of which lasted until the day of the abdication of Nicholas II from the throne, and the current generation is more commonly known.

history of the anthem of the Russian Federation was then continued until the February Revolution of 1917 in the form of "Russian Marseillaise."But the leader of the proletariat Lenin did not like the product of a bourgeois, and he issued a decree to replace it with the "Internationale," which was first performed as a hymn of 10 January 1918, after the final victory of the socialist revolution, that it was noted at the III Congress of Soviets.

And the history of the Russian anthem today began in the communist version with performance January 1, 1944 on the radio works authored by SVMikhalkov and G.El-Registan, which began with the words "Union ironclad free republics."Since March 15, 1944 to 11 December 1993 it officially became the national anthem sung in public ceremonies and special meetings.

National Anthem of the new, post-perestroika, Russia was supposed to sound like the music of "Patriotic Song" by Glinka.None of the texts submitted for consideration by the competition committee, the selection has not passed.But all was reviewed by more than 6,000 texts by different authors from all over the great Russian Federation.The commission has been suspended.And finally settled on a converted by the same SVMikhalkov copy of the last hymn music A.Aleksandrova.Hymn of the Russian Federation was approved and became official on 24 March 2001, the date of signing the decree of President VladimirPutin.