How do I know how many milliliters in a glass?

Most often the question of how many milliliters per glass, arises from the housewives who are trying a new recipe.They know that the dish came out successful, it is important to observe all proportion.Of course, small deviations are acceptable, but they should be negligible, or the taste of cooked food can fundamentally change.

How to choose a glass

In compiling recipes cooks do not think that people are not always at hand can be dimensional capacity.What to speak of the special adaptation, if not all, you can find the usual glass left over from Soviet times.But if you have, it can be used as a reference.However, not everyone knows how many milliliters per glass.In the standard version with faceted flat rim on the upper edge contains 250 ml.But in this case it must be filled to the brim.

In many homes there are other thick glasses that do not have rims on top.Their volume is different from the above, the maximum capacity of less than 200 ml.Consider these differences when water is metered.

If you do not know how many milliliters of water in a glass, which is in your kitchen, then you need to measure how much it fits liquid.You can do it in two simple ways.In the first case, you will need a conventional syringe, the second - the scales.Pick and choose which option suits you the most.

calibration vessel via syringe

Thus, in order to measure capacitance, take 20-cc syringe.Measure out 20 ml, pour 1 cup of water in.How many milliliters of you it will, in the end it will be simple to calculate.If you poured ten syringes such, it contains 200 ml if included 12.5 - then 250 ml.The main thing - not to lose in the calculation.Of course, not all homes have a 20-cc syringe and follow him especially in the pharmacy is unlikely anyone would want.

therefore recommend the use of other options.Perhaps you have left over from some medicinal syrup small glass with divisions.Suitable and 5 cc syringe.But be careful when calculations: 200 grams faceted glass with it you have to pour water 40 times.If your capacity of 250 ml, then 50 times.You can ease the task of a separate measure in a transparent cup to start 50 ml to make a mark, and then poured into a glass already selected 50 grams.

Weigh the water is much easier to figure out how many milliliters in a glass, if you have a conventional kitchen scale.Even at school I told you that 1 ml of water occupies 1 cm3 and weighs 1 gram.It is this information useful to determine the capacity of his glass.

To begin with weigh it blank and note the result.After that, fill it to the brim with water and see how much he now weighs.Calculate the difference - it will be placed in a number of liquid.Agree to find out how many milliliters in a glass, using weights easier.But do not try to use this method to measure the amount of sunflower oil, sour cream or milk.These different density products, they must be weighed if the recipe given program or measure in a special glass.