What is the compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius?

Speaking of compatibility "Cancer and Sagittarius", it is worth remembering that these signs are the representatives of the two opposing elements: Water and Fire.On this basis, their relationship is not always rosy.Signs are attracted to each other like magnets, but these relationships are likely from the category: "Together - close, but apart - boring."Peace goes by the wayside, instead it appears on the stage drama, which is comparable perhaps only to the well-known works of Dostoevsky.That's right: a rich, unexpected, a unique life full of surprises of the different plan

But despite the terrifying predictions, the union can become quite successful and even promising, provided that the partners will be ready to make concessions to each other in many areas.The relationship at the beginning can not easily fold, questioning the general compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius.The thing acrimony each.Sensitive Cancers always ready to burst into tears, while Sagittarius is not set to sensual relationships.The tears on any occasion and constant soul-searching just unsettle the sign of the zodiac.Cancer and Sagittarius may conflict because of the distribution of funds in the family.Representatives of the fire signs are able to earn good money and as well to spend money they have not delayed.Sagittarians are generous and can not deny themselves or a loved one in anything.While Cancers tend to thrift and hoarding.We'll have to endure a lot of debate on this issue, to reach an understanding.

Compatibility Cancer and Sagittarius, and still implies a strong emotional relationship between partners.But in spite of it, the couple can not stand the test of deception.Any attempt to drive a partner behind the nose may lead to inevitable breakdown in the relationship.Marriage Cancer and Sagittarius is considered in different ways.For Sagittarius is first and foremost the freedom to participate actively in social life, Cancers are closer to the traditional joint family life in the evenings, and weekend trips to the country.To achieve compromises spouses just need to spend more time there, listening to each other, discussing pressing problems together and not to jump to their own conclusions.

Intimate Compatibility Cancer and Sagittarius, unfortunately, can also be tested and lapping.Cancers tend to loyalty partner and sole proprietorship, Sagittarius prefers not to be bound by any obligations.Therefore, the latter should decide whether they want to spend my life with this man, and honestly face the truth and then go in search of.

not looking at all the complexity, compatibility, Cancer and Sagittarius is quite possible friendly relations.Friendship can be a truly strong and sturdy.The same applies to business partnership.The points of contact will achieve good results both in public service and in the development of their own business.As a result, it becomes clear that any relationship between the representatives of these signs require painstaking construction and patience.But the result may please both.