Human impact on nature in the modern world

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A few centuries ago, human impact on nature was extremely small, but in the course of scientific and technical progress of civilization has become so much influence on the environment, today the environmental issue is one of the most relevant worldwide.In the twentieth century there was a significant jump in the production and development of human activities, causing appeared industrial plants and factories, which began to produce hardware that make life easier for all people.Considerable comfort, however, has led to negative consequences that impact on natural resources and the entire biological community in the world.

So, for example, deforestation for a long time led to the migration of animals, birds and mammals.And because everything in nature is interconnected, in violation of the chain in the supply processes begin to happen extinction of individual animals, plants and insects.That is why at present human impact on the nature of trying to reduce, but to exterminate the resources possible to compensate (reforestation, desalination of salt water, and so on).

It should be noted that a person, being the only creature in the world, having the mind and will, should not apply to consumer-all that gives it a planet.On the contrary, humanity should strive to harmonize their livelihoods and bring it into line with the laws of nature.It is focused on the efforts of the international community at the present time, with the result that our civilization is slowly beginning to move to a qualitatively new level of development.More and more is introduced into the production of environmentally friendly technological innovations, examples of which can be: in the field of transport - electric cars, in the field of heating - geothermal boilers in the production of electricity - wind and solar power.Therefore, today we can say that the negative impact of man on nature is gradually reduced.Of course, to the good performance ecological still very far away, but a start today.

Pleases and that the people themselves are becoming aware of the fatal consequences of further destruction of nature and gradually moving towards a healthier lifestyle.Slowly but surely, the outflow of residents from the city center to the suburbs and the countryside, as in most cities the maximum allowable rate of CO (carbon monoxide) exceeds the maximum permissible concentration several times.An increasing number of cottage villages, where the impact of man on nature is minimal.All of this suggests that humanity is slowly beginning to move away from the rampant consumption of natural resources and changes to the system of harmonious development.

modern oil and gas industry is also in the process of phasing out, since all the explored oil in the world will suffice for a maximum of 50 years.This is a very short time, even by human standards, so that all the developed countries have long been investing their capital in the clean production of new resources.Radically new approach is to find renewable fuel.Here, as an example, bio-fuel, which can be grown in a designated area.The result is that human impact on nature gradually becomes positive.

Summarizing this interesting topic, it can be concluded that our civilization has finally realized that to continue and further deplete the natural resources it is impossible, because no good it will not.The negative impact of man on nature is already evident in the form of disasters, and global climate change.All this once again underscores the fact that all people in the world are responsible for what is happening to the planet today, and only the joint efforts of our civilization will be able to overcome all difficulties.