Amazing Animals Antarctica

icy realm of planet Earth, almost completely hidden under the permafrost, is the continent of Antarctica.It is home to some world of animals, which is able to withstand harsh winds and low temperatures.This distinctive, but extremely poor fauna of Antarctica is unique.Another such in nature.

The most common animals are penguins.This species, like Adelie penguins, spend more time in the ocean environment, rather than on the surface as the water is a bit warmer than the climate of the continent.On the ground, that is on the ice, they choose only to create nests.

Penguins are very responsible to the choice of a partner are extremely scrupulous.This is a very interesting animals in Antarctica.When choosing a female penguin observe certain ritual.It is specifically for his lady is a stone and brings her a gift.If the female accepts it, then it becomes his faithful companion for life.

newborn fledglings gather in small flocks, which together spend two months, after which it becomes an adult and independent, ready to fend for themselves.These animals of Antarctica are of particular device in the body, which is the best way uses the energy received with food.

The fauna of Antarctica is presented as cetaceans: blue whale or blue whale, humpback, fin whale and the present.Cetaceans - is the largest species of mammals in the world.They are divided into toothed and baleen whales.In baleen whales whaling is conducted, these whales are better understood.

blue whale - it is the largest among the whales.Fin whale and blue whale are of greatest interest for industrial use.The weight of a large whale reaches 160tonn, clean his fat up to 20 tons. These giants feed on small crustaceans, which are very rich in the Antarctic Ocean.Keith is able to simultaneously absorb up to one and a half meters of crustaceans.Young whales feed on mother's milk.Interestingly, kids Daily gaining weight by 100 kg.

How is the vast expanses of Antarctica!Animals on this site are very rare.It is a silent region of ice hummocks, and in such conditions is very difficult to survive.Only adapted to such conditions animals are able to withstand the conditions of this region.

this icy continent attracts scientists who are trying to unravel all its secrets, but Antarctica is not completely learned.Animals that are typical for these edges - it seals.Several of their species living on this continent.Weddell seal - the most abundant representative of the species.A large beast with a thick layer of subcutaneous fat, which is an excellent tool for living in places with low temperatures.

Antarctica Animals such as seals, feed, mostly, fish and cephalopods.These animals are practically no fear of man.Approaching close to him, they respond to a human head on.On the seal fishery hardly developed.

Such animals of Antarctica as Ross Seal is much less than their counterparts.His weight is around 200 kg, with a very thick body fat.He has a big crease in the neck, which he hides his head.So it is very similar to the barrel.It is rather poorly studied due to its residence in a very remote places.

Such animals of Antarctica as seals - crabeater, the largest group of seals in the world.Despite its name, seals eat krill, not crabs.With its jagged teeth to it can filter krill.The only enemy of these seals are whales that have plagued these loving animals.

elephant - the largest species of seal in the world.Their weight reaches up to 3.5 tons and measuring about 6 m. Another interesting animal species of this region - the leopard, living around the perimeter of the Antarctic ice and sea.It is the dominant predator in the area, which feeds on krill and small marine animals representatives.