Why continue to die rare animals

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Many people know that there is a "Red Book", which listed endangered and rare animals and plants of the world.But there is a "black book" with a list of all the missing animals and plants that people have never seen alive.

Every year the number of some species has been steadily decreasing as a result of changes in natural conditions and the direct or indirect influence on the environment.Therefore, there is an urgent need to monitor and account population dynamics of endangered species, and there are such things as "endangered", "rare" animals.

One of the reasons that some species are extremely rare, it's natural habitat, characterized by certain characteristics from the world.Normally, such areas are very small, and the animals can not leave them, because not adapted to other conditions or habitat area is located on a remote island.

To understand why disappear rare animals of the world, it is best to look at examples from the history of human impact on wildlife.The tragic story of an American bison

many in the hearing.According to rough estimates, up to the colonization of North America, on its territory inhabited by at least 60 million. These animals.Local tribes actively used the bison as a natural source of food and materials for clothing and shelter.But we treat them with care, and virtually no effect on their numbers.

During the colonization of the Americas began a merciless mass slaughter of animals.First they shot the uncontrolled harvesting for meat and hides.Then began the deliberate destruction of livestock, because their herds prevented construction of railways and train movement, they trampled the field and prevented the development of agriculture.But the main reason for the extermination of the buffalo was to deprive the Indian tribes of livelihood, destruction of indigenous people and the seizure of their land.

By the end of the 19th century, because of the downsizing, the buffalo could be categorized as "rare animals".But thanks to the enthusiasts of nature protection, now their numbers was partly restored and saved from total destruction.

Less fortunate dodo .These birds live in the isolated world of islands in the Indian Ocean, in an environment where there were no predators, and the food was more than enough.The birds were terrestrial life and could neither fly nor hide.

After opening the islands navigators began the extermination of dodo as a source of food.And imported to the islands of cats and dogs is easily ruined them easily accessible nests on the ground.Thus, the destruction of bird species happened so quickly, that did not work to save even stuffed museum.A vintage drawings of dodo to the ignorant man look like a strange imagination of the artist.

In the examples shown the destruction of wildlife can be seen that people do not think about the future of the environment and of their future, and we are ready for the profit and momentary weakness to destroy everything that surrounds them.Including and fauna.

Today, virtually any wild animal that lives far from human can be classified as "rare species".The territory of their habitat is constantly being developed by people.The animals themselves, under the pretext of saving are caught and placed in zoos and menageries, where they wither and die.

a result of technological progress disturbed environment, and changing natural habitat.Many rare animals are not able to adapt to new conditions, they no longer multiply and eventually die out very quickly.

According to some scholars, if a person does not turn face-to-nature, a few generations in the world will not remain any animals or plants and therefore disappear basic conditions of existence of the person.