In honor of someone named Caesar salad.

Each country has a dish that represents the business card modern cooking people.For Russia, this Olivier, and the US - Salad "Caesar".These two snacks have long crossed the state border and began a triumphant march across the planet.As a result, Olivier abroad called "Russian salad"."Caesar" also suffered a different fate: he had grown such variations that almost lost the original recipe.This dish is an interesting story.Below, we'll, after whom is named the salad "Caesar", under any circumstances, came into the snack, as well as give an authentic recipe for its preparation.Touch and variations.What to do?They, too, have a right to exist.We will tell you some interesting facts from the life of the creator of the official snack.Let us see how developed the recipe below.Not ignored and the famous Worcestershire sauce, which, according to the American cookbooks, food is the key.

In honor of someone named salad «Caesar»

officially considered the founder of Italian snacks Cesare Cardini.After World War I, he, together with his brother Alessandro, a pilot, emigrated to the United States.In a new country, they changed their name to the American way.Cesare became Caesar and Alessandro - Alex.Lord Cardini were savvy people.In the 20 years of the twentieth century, when the US imposed prohibition, they discovered in the Mexican town of Tijuana restaurant to the hotel and casino.From the bustling city of San Diego institution brothers separated by only twenty kilometers away and the state border.Hungry Americans drink almost every night were chosen on the Mexican side - in fact there is a dry law was not enforced.It was at the restaurant as an appetizer to the abundant outpouring was invented salad "Caesar".

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But there is another version.A certain Livio Santini, who worked as a cook at the Cardini after salad "Caesar" earned fame, claimed that it was he who came up with the recipe, and the boss is simply appropriated it to itself, calling his name appetizer.And finally, the third version, the dish was first filed in 1903 in Chicago, in a small restaurant The New York Cafe.The author was also an Italian snacks - Giacomo Jounieh, the owner of the establishment.Roman Emperor Gaius Julius, after whom is named the salad "Caesar", was the idol of the emigrant from the peninsula.

Life and career Cesare Cardini

Born official author of the famous American salad in 1896 on the shores of Lake Maggiore.During the First World Cesare he fought in the Army, and his brother Alessandro - in aviation.After the war, both emigrated to the US and settled in the far south of the country - in San Diego, California.As mentioned above, when in early 1920 the country adopted the dry law prohibiting the sale of alcohol, Cesare Cardini, after whom is named the salad "Caesar" was not taken aback.He opened twenty miles south of San Diego, on the outskirts of Tijuana, hotel and restaurant.Name of institution Caesar's Place can be translated to English as "Caesar."It was a dangerous undertaking.Crime in Tijuana was such that even the road signs at the entrances to the city have warned about this.The town was called «Satan's Playground» («Playground of Satan").And who watched films about the dashing years of the Great Depression, he knows how easy it is when you can become a victim of gang warfare.But Caesar Cardini could negotiate.He stayed in the shadows, skillfully balanced on the edge of the law with its casino and not stick out.Even when he had money, he did out of Caesar's Place chic restaurant, preferring that his institution was the usual roadside motel with a snack bar and a games room.

story of salad "Caesar»

restaurant and a games room at Hotel Casino Nacional worked through the night.Citizens of the United States, was weary of strong drink, crossed the border and flew a short distance and at Caesar's Place, like butterflies on fire.The audience gathered in a two-story establishment motley.It loved to play roulette gangsters and merry filmmakers from nearby Hollywood.In an institution Cardini always had a drink, but with food shortages occurred.That was the night on Independence Day, 1924 (celebrated on July 4).The restaurant burst into the crowd of actors from Hollywood, who ordered a drink and a snack.And the owner of the products (as well as the chef) were only eggs, bread, cheese, romaine lettuce yes.And, of course, Italian seasoning with excellent olive oil.Without thinking, Caesar Cardini Mix all ingredients and snacks unexpected guests.He had not expected his invention to expect such great fame.


That's the story of origin of the salad "Caesar".But what exactly did the resourceful Italian to please a crowd of hungry guests from Hollywood?This tells his daughter Rose.Father rubbed salad bowl cut garlic clove.Then he laid out in his lettuce varieties "Romen".He showered them with olive oil.Eggs at room temperature, he dropped into a bowl of boiling water, just remove from heat.He held out for them there exactly a minute, and then cooled in water.These eggs only "grabbed", acquired the consistency of liquid sauce.My father whipped them with olive oil, add the grated Parmesan.Sbryznul dish with lemon juice.Saute in olive oil and crushed garlic croutons of white bread.Salt, sprinkle with seasonings.All!As you can see, there are no ingredients that we used to see in today's "Caesar" (chicken breast, Worcestershire sauce, boiled eggs, and so on. D.), The original recipe was not.

«Salad Aviator»

When a lift products Alex Cardini decided to improve the invention's brother, was so pleased with the guests from Hollywood.To spice it to the above listed ingredients added, Worcestershire sauce and anchovies.On this occasion, the brothers quarrel occurred.Cesare thought that fish taste is enough thanks to Worcestershire sauce, anchovies and obviously superfluous.And he does not allow his brother to make amendments to the authentic salad "Caesar".The history of the restaurant menus in Caesar's Place shows that soon there began to offer guests a different snack.It was called "Salad Aviator".So Alex Cardini tried to perpetuate his glorious military past."Salad Aviator" was very similar to "Caesar's," just kept Worcestershire sauce and anchovies.

reverse side of glory

When in 1948 Caesar Cardini and his daughter Rosa, who made a decent fortune in the predominantly gambling, as well as a restaurant and hotel business, decided to get the dividend also for the origin of the salad "Caesar", it turned out that they can notbrands already registered under this name.This year starter became a national treasure, besides a few modifications.That adventurous Italians had to confine itself to that register the mark "Cardini" and "original Caesar."But this salad inventor died in poverty.Three years before his death (in 1956, the ensuing) Epicurean Society in Paris marked the salad "Caesar" as the most wonderful recipe that appeared in the continent of America for the past half century.Popular dishes often fall into the Guinness Book of Records.For example, in New York, created the salad "Caesar" weighing almost two and a half tons.

American classic dish

Why Americans transformed the salad "Caesar"?The recipe, the history of which has been described above, assumes a rather spartan use of the products.It is understandable: in the summer in hot regions do not want to burden your stomach with something extremely satisfying.However, in the northern states of salads different attitude.Here and there among his rather high-calorie ingredients ingredients - grilled chicken breast or a hard-boiled egg.But even if you take a classic American recipe, then it is possible to notice some differences from authentic.Croutons are replaced toasted croutons made of thin baguette.Refuelling make separate eggs whipped with olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice and seasoned with garlic.Croutons are placed at the very end, so they are not soaked and stay crunchy.

What did not ponavydumyvayut!

History salad "Caesar" thing of the past, and people live in the present.As already mentioned, the residents of northern latitudes have tried to enrich calorie snacks.So there was a version of the salad with chicken.Residents of the largest countries in the world are not always able to afford even those Spartan ingredients that require an authentic recipe.Many Russians and never heard of Worcestershire sauce.Therefore experimented in his own way.There is a "Caesar" sprat (or herring in tomato sauce), dressed with mayonnaise or sour cream.Sometimes romaine lettuce with tomatoes cucumbers replaced.Often snack put ham, bacon, tuna.The most radical recipe for "Caesar" - without any greenery, but with potatoes and onions.A native red jacket in the dashing 90's love to eat salad with crayfish tails, crab claws and prawns, and even seasoned soy sauce with red caviar!

Here, perhaps, and all as to who is named in honor of the Caesar salad.