Barcode producing countries - how to distinguish the original from a fake

Look, we live in the twenty-first century, in times of high technology in the era of consumption, at a time when people are willing to pay any amount you want to get the desired product of good quality.This is not surprising, because if a person makes a purchase, he hopes to buy a really quality product that justifies the stated price.Unfortunately, not all people are willing to pay big money for the desired product, then it appears the imperfection of our society.In such cases come to the aid of the notorious forgery, from which the entire world suffers.Some people purchase goods at a lower price, knowing that buying non-original thing, the other - do not even know about it and naively think that they were just lucky.

Whatever it was, every customer, regardless of their financial status, have the right to know, the thing is what quality it acquires.However, buying a new pair of good Italian shoes, where a man can know is fake or original?Of course, the seller can guarantee and provide a certificate,

but even these measures can not be a hundred percent guarantee the quality of the goods.This is due to the fact that at the moment can be so good fakes that only an expert can distinguish the original is good or not.To our great happiness and much to the disgust of those who are engaged in the production of fakes, humanity still found a solution to this problem.All that is needed in order to distinguish the copy from the original thing is to know barcodes producing countries.The fact that every product that is manufactured in the world, has a unique numeric code.Country of origin is determined by the bar code is very simple, and having this information on hand, you can always distinguish between: the original in front of you or not.Like it or not, but it really is an effective method.

how it works and how to recognize barcodes producing countries?Firstly, it should be said that it is.Bar code - a sequence of black and white stripes, and a set of numbers in the blocks under them.As a rule, these thirteen numbers, and each unit carries a certain information.For example, in the first block of numbers encoded barcode - country of origin, that is the short number of the country where the product was made.Subsequent numbers tell us about the specific manufacturer of the product, and from the last part, we can learn about its properties, color, weight and other details.This practice - to put bar codes on goods producing countries, appeared in 1977 and today is the best protection against forgery.If the buyer can independently decipher a given set of numbers, that when buying something, he will always be able to distinguish the original from a fake.It is clear that in mind, or even carry in a notebook all the bar codes of producers is very uncomfortable, but fortunately, come to the aid of information technology.If you are lucky enough to own a smartphone running on the operating system Android, iOS, Symbian or Windows Mobile, then having to hand your phone, you can always find information on buy goods.All you need - is to install a special application to the phone, then take a photo of the barcode on the camera or enter a numeric code by hand, and after connecting to the server, your machine will give you complete information about the requested product.This procedure takes very little time and it is very convenient, because you can always protect yourself from buying low-quality goods.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that this barcode is the most best defense against counterfeiting, and custom applications to help find information on buying, are reliable helpers in the fight against unscrupulous sellers.