How to cook the cake: tips for beginners

To be able always to surprise the guests and loved ones a delicious pastries, without spending long hours cooking it enough to understand how to prepare the cake.This delicious dessert, which can be a lot of experimenting.Understand how to prepare homemade cake, it is not difficult: you have to learn a few tricks and choose the proven recipe.

cooking tips

dessert recipes that you will no longer seem difficult, if you remember a few tips.First - do not spare products.In baking, use good eggs, sugar and butter, and a variety of dried fruits and nuts, the only way to get really tasty.Second - before you prepare the cake, it is not necessary to acquire the special dishes.Bake the dessert can be in the forms for the cookies, muffins can simply sculpt by hand, decorate with nuts or glaze.In short, the complete freedom for imagination.The third rule is not to decorate cupcakes with mastic or other sweet decorations, because they distract attention from the excellent taste of the baking.Fourth - never remove the muffins from the form, if they are still hot!The fifth rule - before you prepare the cake, do not knead the dough too long.Try to keep the foam structure of proteins by adding them only after vsypaniya flour.Sixth - bake dessert at a maximum temperature.Cupcakes will be ready in a quarter of an hour, but the largest will be up to an hour readiness.Finally, check the readiness of the dough.If you already ruddy crust, and inside the cake is still moist, cover it with baking paper.So you do not burn.

How to cook the cake faster?

to overcome fear before baking, start with a simplified recipe.Understand how to cook a cake in five minutes.You will need four tablespoons flour, as much sugar and half the cocoa, egg, three spoons of milk and the same amount of butter, and regular circle.It should be ceramic in order to use it in a microwave oven without fear.Combine the flour, cocoa and sugar with the egg, melted butter and milk.Set the microwave to maximum power for three minutes and bake the cake right in the cup.While the dough will increase in size.Do not worry - it will soon fall.Ready cake can be decorated with icing sugar or coconut shavings.

How to cook a cake with a lemon?

This recipe has to be more complicated.Take three cups of wheat flour, three hundred grams of butter, a couple of cups of sugar, five yolks, four proteins, half a cup of chopped walnuts, half a teaspoon of baking soda, lemon zest.For the glaze, you will need one protein, two hundred grams of powdered sugar, lemon juice.Spread a cup of sugar and butter, one egg yolks with whisk.All the mix, add the nuts, soda, zest, gradually add flour and whipped into foam proteins.Mix well and place in a baking dish, previously sprinkled with breadcrumbs.Bake for sixty minutes at one hundred and eighty degrees.For glaze, combine beaten egg white and powder, gradually pour in the lemon juice.Cover the cooled cake mixture and allow to dry slightly, then serve.