Liquid nitrogen temperature

Liquid nitrogen is a transparent substance, which is the specific density of 0.808 g / cc.It - one of aggregate states, which may be nitrogen, the boiling point is -195,75 C. Liquid nitrogen is non-toxic and explosion-proof.

peculiarity of operation and storage of liquid nitrogen is that when heated, it expands greatly, for example, when the temperature rises only to about 20 C, one liter of material is formed about 700 liters of gas.Therefore, storage and transportation of it using special containers, known as dewars, which provide vacuum isolation.

Liquid nitrogen is found quite widely used in various fields of human activity, largely due to the widespread use of such property such as the temperature of liquid nitrogen.It is used in industry, where necessary the use of technology cryogenic cutting.The very low temperature of liquid nitrogen allows its use for deep-frozen, and in this field it is suitable for both inorganic materials and organic, including living organisms.

There are other areas of application: fire-fighting and cooling units and a variety of technical devices, cryopreservation of cells overclocking.

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At atmospheric pressure, liquid nitrogen temperature below the condensation temperature of oxygen at 10 degrees, however, as a rule, in the vessel wall can be observed precipitate condensing agent.In

because the boiling point of liquid nitrogen is - 195.8 C, which is lower than that of the liquid oxygen in which it is - 183 C, as a result of interaction of liquid air enriched with oxygen very quickly.This also explains the difference in the temperatures and the more intense the evaporation of liquid nitrogen than with liquid oxygen.

Almost any temperature that exceeds the figure for liquid nitrogen, can be seen during the next run.Essential for this aluminum block, the cooling if it is gradually drip liquid air.

in modern technology the temperature of liquid nitrogen as a basic property of matter, has caused wide use in the electronic and electrical industries of semiconductors, which thereby obtain reliable cooling.

On the same principle, and applications based substance as a component of various fire mixtures.In the process of extinguishing the nitrogen evaporates very quickly and thus displaces oxygen, resulting in the termination of access of oxygen to the fires the fire is localized and stops completely.Due to this effect today recognized nitrogen fire-fighting more effective than carbon-dioxide.Using these technologies, a high degree of conservation of wealth.

In general, the effect of liquid nitrogen has the opportunity to observe almost every, if you turn its attention to offering movie-like, used in the filming of modern films.For example, in the movie "Terminator" is widely used by the effects obtained with the help of liquid nitrogen (frames, which shows the instantaneous freezing facilities).But this effect can be much more habitual incarnation.For example, low temperature nitrogen allows it to be used for the fast frost analgesic nature.This we can frequently be seen during a sporting event, when an athlete is injured, and he first aid using local anesthesia aerosol.

more exotic, if not fantastic, now stands the use of the substance as a means of freezing of living beings with a view to their subsequent defrosting, and preserve biological properties.

At the same time, and in the United States and Russia, already there are companies that are engaged in commercial cryogenic freezing of humans and animals.